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Leonardo DiCaprio was close to mental meltdown while on the set of ‘Shutter Island’.

On-set consultant Dr James Gilligan, who worked with DiCaprio, 35, during the entire shoot, feared for the ‘Titanic’ star as he fought to get to grips with his character.

And we discovered that DiCaprio, who played US Marshal Teddy Daniels, was not his usual cool self during the shooting of the film.

The film was shot at the eerie, abandoned mental hospital where the film was shot in Boston, Massachusetts.

The box-office hit shows his character investigating weird goings-on at the psychiatric clinic.

According to Gilligan, DiCaprio descended into the kind of nervous state witnessed in real mental health patients.

“You could see the level of tension building up in him. He constantly tried to avoid being taken over by his character,” the Daily Star quoted him as saying.

DiCaprio even admitted he was emotionally moved by the movie.

He revealed: “This was a very tough film to make for sure, both emotionally and physically. It was among one of the harder ones I’ve done.”

Before filming, DiCaprio was shown a documentary about the mistreatment of patients in the 1950s – when the film is set – showing electric shock therapies and lobotomies.

The star researched the role in such detail he even studied an official mental health doctors’ training video on the Internet.

He read up on how different treatments affect patients, how they act and what they look like.

Dr Gilligan said: “DiCaprio wanted to get in the skin of Teddy – learning the character’s conditions in detail – which he did successfully.”


In wake of Mel Gibson’s domestic abuse scandal, ‘Inception’ star Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly pulled out of the disgraced actor’s next project.

DiCaprio was due to star in Gibson-directed flick about Vikings.

A source close to DiCaprio said the actor did not want to risk his reputation.

“Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with, and Mel Gibson is not one of them,” the New York Post quoted a source as telling Radaronline.com.

DiCaprio, who is fascinated by Viking culture, was due to play one in the as-yet untitled project, which was due to begin filming in the fall.

Gibson’s Icon Productions and Graham King, who directed DiCaprio in ‘The Departed,’ were producing the movie.

The decision has come as a major setback for 54-year-old Gibson, who is facing allegations of domestic abuse and child endangerment by ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has started a new organization for the protection of endangered tigers.

The ‘Titanic’ star has teamed with the World Wildlife Fund to launch Save Tigers Now.

The aim of the organization is to raise 13 million pounds for the cause.

DiCaprio is presently in Asia learning about decreasing tiger population.

“Tigers are endangered and critical to some of the world”s most important ecosystems. Key conservation efforts can save the tiger species from extinction, protect some of the planet”s last wild habitats and help sustain the local communities surrounding them,” the Daily Express quoted him, as saying.

The organization hopes to double the population of tigers by 2022.

Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed Kate Winslet feared a sex scene in the film Revolutionary Road directed by her husband Sam Mendes.

The Titanic actor said Kate was uncomfortable during the filming of the raunchy shot in front of her better half, from whom she recently split.

The actress even halted the shooting, saying: “This is totally weird.”

“She turned to both Sam and I and said, ”Are you guys OK?”,” the Sun quoted DiCaprio as saying.

When they said they were, Kate replied: “It”s even weirder that you”re both totally fine.”

Leonardo DiCaprio is helping pal Kate Winslet deal with her marriage breakdown, it has emerged.

DiCaprio and Winslet rose to fame playing lovers in ‘Titanic’ and were reunited on screen two years ago in ‘Revolutionary Road’ – directed by her husband Sam Mendes.

It has been claimed that the actress’ relationship with Mendes, 44, suffered on set and eventually led to their break-up.

The couple separated several months ago and made the split official on Monday.

However, DiCaprio has become a shoulder to cry on as cracks appeared in her six-year marriage.

“Leo and Kate have been like brother and sister since they starred in Titanic together,” the Sun quoted a source as saying.

“And since Kate”s marriage started to go south, around the time they were filming Revolutionary Road, they”ve got closer again.

“Kate has always really adored Leo and feels like she can tell him anything.

“They were so young when Titanic came out, so it”s fair to say they basically grew up together, professionally at least.

“They were thrust into stardom together and were the only people who knew what the other was going through. He”s been a rock for her,” the source added.

Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that he is thinking of starting a family.

The ‘Titanic’ star admitted that the need has grown after the passing of his grandmother.

“I definitely feel a need to make my life about more than just my career. I was thinking to myself how little of it has been lived normally as opposed to being spent on some far-off movie location,” the Mirror quoted him as saying.

He added: “Family is something I”m starting to think about more and more, especially now that my grandmother is no longer around.

“It makes you think about the impermanence of things and how important it is to be part of a family – to have some meaning apart from your work.”

DiCaprio’s new film ‘Shutter Island’ is set to release soon.

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly set to play the role of Frank Sinatra in a new biopic. However, he will not be singing in the film, it has emerged.

Director Martin Scorsese has revealed that the ‘Titanic’ actor is his favourite choice for the icon’s role, but he will stick to Sinatra original soundtracks.

“With those records? Frank will do the singing. But we”re waiting for a finished script,” the New York Daily News quoted Scorsese as saying.

Meanwhile, Scorsese latest collaboration with DiCaprio, ‘Shutter Island’, is scheduled to hit screens soon.

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