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Jordan’s ‘over-inflated chest’ has been awarded the title of Worst Breasts in Britain.

Britons consider boobs of Jordan, a.k.a Katie Price, ”tacky” and ”unattractive”, the Good Surgeon Guide poll revealed.

Price has had five boob jobs, reports The Sun.

Joining her in the list is fellow glamour model Alicia Douvall, who has wasted a total of 1million pounds on her FF pair.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole”s boobs have been dubbed Best in Britain – followed by those of Katy Perry and Kelly Brook.

Christiana Clogg founder of the Good Surgeon Guide, which allows punters to rate their surgeon”s work, said, “It would appear that women are more in favour of the natural look nowadays and feel it says something about their personality as well as their look.”


British glamour girl Jordan was said to be trying to arrange beau Alex Reid’s early eviction from the house of Celebrity Big Brother.

The 31-year-old, a.k.a Katie Price, is reportedly urging friends and followers not to vote for her cross dressing cage fighter lover.

“Ahhhh cant wait for alex to get out. Sooo missing him, 8 more sleeps then i dont have to sleep like a starfish in bed,” the Daily Star quoted Jordan as saying on her Facebook page.

A source close to the star added: “The last few weeks have been pretty tough for Kate, she is very rarely on her own and she can’t handle it at all.

“Since she has been with Alex their sex life has been non-stop. For Kate to have gone without it this long has been really hard.

“Kate will do anything to get Alex home so he can shower her with attention like she is used to.”

Jordan a.k.a Katie Price has reportedly banned her cagefighter beau Alex Reid from committing 7 deadly sins when he enters the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The glamour girl was said to have issued the list to the cross dressing wrestler, forbidding him from talking about their relationship or her split with former husband Peter Andre.

The ‘sins’ purportedly were: “Don”t talk about our sex life”, “Don”t dress as your tranvestite alter-ego Roxanne”, “Don”t speak about Peter Andre”, “Don”t reveal any of the reasons my marriage to Peter ended”, “Don”t talk about my children”, “Don”t have any more bust-ups with Bowers”, “Don”t flirt with any of the girls in the house”, report News of the World.

But the mum-of-three has been urging Reid to show off his body while on the reality show, sources claimed.

A show insider said: “Katie wants him to come across as manly. It helps that he”s completely ripped at the moment. Katie also thinks Peter will be jealous if Alex looks like a sex god.”

Jordan has dumped her cross dressing lover Alex Reid after pulling out of jungle reality show “I””m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here”.

The glamour girl a.k.a Katie Price ditched the cagefighter just two hours after quitting the show with a jokey chorus of Queen”s hit Another One Bites The Dust.

“Never underestimate the Pricey, there goes another one – it”s as easy as that for me,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“It”s a shame because he was as horny as hell, and he”s great in bed,” the 31-year-old added.

The mum-of-three later confirmed the split, adding: “I”m not with him, no. I cannot live my life by anyone else.”

British glamour girl Jordan and terrorist Osama Bin Laden have been voted the most unpopular plane seat neighbours in a poll.

Reality TV star Jordan a.k.a Katie Price topped the list of female celebrities people would least like to sit next to on an aircraft.

According to British firm Consumer Intelligence, Bin Laden grabbed the top spot on the male list, reports Contactmusic.

Other names that featured on the list included British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Colonel Muammar El-Gaddafi.

Jordan a.k.a Katie Price has reportedly pulled out of jungle reality show I”m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here after being assigned a seventh gruelling task.

The glamour girl was voted by viewers to face another hair-raising challenge of being lowered into a pit of pythons.

The 31-year-old’s previous ordeals on the show included eating fried flies, bug burgers, and drinking “crocolate milkshake”.

The mum-of-three alleged fans were getting back at her over her bitter split with Aussie singer Peter Andre earlier this year.

“I can”t do another trial. I”m walking. There”s only so much c*** one person can take. The way I”ve been treated on the show by the viewers, you”d think I was the most hated woman in Britain,” The Sun quoted her as telling the producers.

She apparently added: “It is getting beyond a joke. Everyone seems to hate me so much more than I thought.

“I said at the start that I came on the show for a bit of peace and quiet, to try and get my head together after the divorce. But now I”m feeling uncomfortable.””

An ITV source confirmed: “Katie Price has left the show – as of today. We tried to talk her into staying but her mind was made up and she has left immediately.”

Jordan has confessed pining for former husband Peter Andre on jungle reality show ”I”m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here”.

The glamour girl, who split with the Aussie singer earlier this year, returned to the show where the ex couple famously fell in love six years ago.

The mum-of-three, a.k.a Katie Price, bared her heartache in front of her fellow contestants.

“I was having a shower and I”m sitting on a rock thinking, ”I expect Pete to walk past”,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

The 31-year-old added: “It is so surreal. I”ve been married, had kids, and been divorced. It”s all over. The whole circle and I”m back here. So weird.”

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