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Andrew Morton, who has written the explosive new tell-all ‘Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography’, has revealed that Brad Pitt has given himself a new nickname, ‘Mr. Mom’.

“He calls himself Mr. Mom,” the UsMagazine.com quoted Morton as saying on Fox News Channel”s Fox & Friends.

Morton also said that Jolie, 35, used Maddox, to “bait” Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston while filming ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’.

“Well, it”s kind of playing happy family. He”s a great caregiver, this Brad Pitt…. So here”s Maddox, this cute little kid, playing around and it draws somebody in. And in all fairness, friends of Angelina, all said it was Brad that made the [pass] in that relationship.”

But Jolie wasn”t completely off the hook: “Psychologically, she makes men almost compromise themselves to cheat on their girlfriends, or cheat on their wives in order to be with her.”

“The only man that”s never rejected her is Maddox,” Morton added.

‘ET’, directed by Steven Spielberg, has been voted the ‘Greatest Film Of All Time’ in an online poll.

The film that won four Oscars in 1983 but was beaten to the Best Picture award by Richard Attenborough”s Gandhi topped the poll of more than 2,500 people for radiotimes.com.

Movie expert Barry Norman described the sci-fi classic as ‘the perfect family film’.

“A magical tale for children, a triumph of special effects, a chastening lesson to bigots everywhere and, as the director Steven Spielberg describes it, a simple and pure love story,” the Scotsman quoted him as telling the Radio Times.

The Wizard Of Oz landed the second spot, followed by Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Toy Story.

Slumdog Millionaire co-stars, Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, come up with innovative ideas to keep their love-life alive because of their long-distance relationship.

The couple has been seeing each other since filming Danny Boyle’s 2008 Oscar-winning blockbuster, which saw their characters battling to be together.

London-based Patel said maintaining a relationship with the 25-year-old actress, who lives in the city of Mumbai, means they both have to make an effort.

Were never at home, the Daily Express quoted the 21-year-old as telling Radio Times.

But we do manage to meet. We always find time for each other, he said.

And when they’re in London?

We always get a different place. Rent out a flat or something and spend time together that way, he added.

Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has claimed that Gibson was physically abusive towards his first wife also.

Grigorieva also claims that she has seen the actor hitting his youngest son, Tommy.

Quoting a source “familiar with” the law enforcement investigation into Gibson”s behavior, Grigorieva, 40, claims she saw the actor hit Tommy, his youngest child from his first marriage. The incident purportedly occurred two-and-a-half years ago at a hockey game in Los Angeles, according to RadarOnline.com.

“She [Grigorieva] said that Mel, in her presence, hit Tommy, in the head, while they were in a box watching a hockey game…Tommy started crying and whimpered for the remainder of the game, choosing to sit by himself, away from his father,” the New York Post quoted the source as telling the entertainment website.

A Russian newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda , reported that Grigorieva had alleged Gibson told her he had thrown a television at his first wife, Robyn Gibson, during a heated argument.

However, Robyn has previously defended her husband of 28 years, following the release of a series of explosive recorded phone calls between the actor and his ex-girlfriend.

The mother of seven of Gibson’s children denied the “Lethal Weapon” star was ever physically abusive during their marriage.

“Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage,” she wrote in a statement filed in a California court, TMZ reported.

“Mel was a wonderful and loving father,” Robyn added.

Actor Charlie Sheen has been ordered to serve 30 days at a Malibu rehab under a no-jail plea bargain after the actor pleaded guilty to assaulting wife Brooke Mueller.

The deal caps a headline-grabbing saga that exploded with Sheen”s Christmas Day arrest on suspicion that he pinned wife Mueller, 32, to a bed and held a knife to her throat during an Aspen family vacation.

Sheen, who appeared in Aspen court to enter the plea, also must serve three months” probation and show proof that he”s completed 36 hours of counselling.

In exchange, prosecutors dropped felony menacing and criminal mischief charges.

The “Two and a Half Men” star will fulfill the rehab requirement at celebrity-friendly Promises, the same rehab he checked into earlier this year, his lawyer said.

“The fact that the DA”s office is allowing Charlie to do his sentence at Promises as opposed to jail is indicative of the strength of their case. This is great resolution for us,” the New York Daily News quoted attorney Yale Galanter as telling the News.

He and Mueller signed preliminary divorce paperwork earlier this year and are expected to file with the court now that the criminal case is resolved, TMZ.com reported.

Ewan McGregor has said that living in Los Angeles is like a breath of fresh air, compared to London.

The Scottish actor is settled in America with his French wife Eve Mavrakis and their two daughters Clara Mathilde and Esther Rose.

“I have a lot more freedom in LA than when I was in London,” The Daily Express quoted the 39-year-old as saying.

“People leave me alone here and I don’t get mobbed every time that I step outside the door. It was much harder when I lived in London,” he said.

“It’s not a depressing city but I felt that liberty was being eaten away – you can’t go out without being on security cameras.

“I have a different relationship with the place now. I don’t live there so I enjoy going back,” added McGregor.

Leonardo DiCaprio was close to mental meltdown while on the set of ‘Shutter Island’.

On-set consultant Dr James Gilligan, who worked with DiCaprio, 35, during the entire shoot, feared for the ‘Titanic’ star as he fought to get to grips with his character.

And we discovered that DiCaprio, who played US Marshal Teddy Daniels, was not his usual cool self during the shooting of the film.

The film was shot at the eerie, abandoned mental hospital where the film was shot in Boston, Massachusetts.

The box-office hit shows his character investigating weird goings-on at the psychiatric clinic.

According to Gilligan, DiCaprio descended into the kind of nervous state witnessed in real mental health patients.

“You could see the level of tension building up in him. He constantly tried to avoid being taken over by his character,” the Daily Star quoted him as saying.

DiCaprio even admitted he was emotionally moved by the movie.

He revealed: “This was a very tough film to make for sure, both emotionally and physically. It was among one of the harder ones I’ve done.”

Before filming, DiCaprio was shown a documentary about the mistreatment of patients in the 1950s – when the film is set – showing electric shock therapies and lobotomies.

The star researched the role in such detail he even studied an official mental health doctors’ training video on the Internet.

He read up on how different treatments affect patients, how they act and what they look like.

Dr Gilligan said: “DiCaprio wanted to get in the skin of Teddy – learning the character’s conditions in detail – which he did successfully.”

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