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Drew Barrymore is not fond of Tweeting away like other stars – because she thinks “it”s bulls—.”

“Ironically, with all this, ”We”re now more connected than ever with technology,” I don”t think we”ve ever been farther apart. I think it”s bulls—,” People mag quoted Barrymore, as telling, Nylon”s August/Denim issue.

Technology and social media make everyone feel “more connected,” she said, “but [we”re now] weirdly disconnected.”

Barrymore also said she hated to act pretentious.

She said: “You have to not pretend to be perfect, because that”s not only boring as [expletive], but it”s just not real.

“I just really want to be true to myself. That”s essential in life. I would never be able to put on a charade. I would totally [screw] it up.”


Drew Barrymore has admitted that she has a little bit of dude inside her, who loves strip clubs.

The sexy actress, 35, who wore a skin-tight black Calvin Klein outfit for the cover of Elle magazine, said that she was feeling like a 13-year-old boy who loved strip clubs.

“In a lot of ways I feel like I have a little bit of dude inside me – except mine happens to be a 13-year-old boy, not a fully-fledged man,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“I like a good strip club as much as the next guy. I actually like it,” she added.

Actress Drew Barrymore has admitted that she’s learning boxing these days.

“I went to a boxing class because I needed the exercise but I’m not athletic but uncoordinated and lame,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

The Charlie’s Angels action star, 35, also said that she’s having fun learning this new skill.

“However I found it so much fun. I’d never boxed before but I was beating the c*** out of the punch bag. I was so into it,” she added.

Actress Drew Barrymore has praised gay singer Ricky Martin for his courage to come out in public and accept his sexuality.

She insisted that it”d help other celebrities to ”come out.”

The singer/songwriter Martin accepted homosexuality publicly last month, saying he”s a “proud homosexual”.

The ”Wedding Singer” actress complimented Martin for his bold step as she thinks his act will encourage other gay stars feel accepted, reports The Daily Star.

“My lofty goal in this world is that we can live in a world that doesn”t judge each other, I just want people to be able to live their lives that are true to them. I celebrate what (Ricky) is doing because we have to create a world for each other where acceptance is first and foremost,” she told Access Hollywood.

Drew Barrymore has made up her mind to go on a vacation this year since she feels she hasn”t taken a break since three years.

Barrymore”s directorial debut ”Whip It” released in 2009 and she is also preparing for her next movie ”Going the Distance”.

And the 35-year-old star is planning to go on a holiday once her movie releases in August this year.

“My flaw that I”d like to make peace with is to take a vacation. So if I do that this fall, you”ll know that I”ve done something for the first time in three years”, the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

Drew Barrymore would prefer to resemble an old mutt than resort to age halting mechanics such as Botox, facelifts and liposuction.

The 35-year-old ET actress revealed she had no qualms with wrinkles and looked forward to growing old.

“I’m so curious as to what’s going to happen naturally that I can’t imagine wanting to alter things just yet,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“And to all those women putting botulism in their faces – we don’t know what the long-term effects are, so stop. I’d rather look like a basset hound than do that to my face,” she added.

Drew Barrymore”s latest film Everybody”s Fine apparently bears streaks of her emotionally fractured childhood.

The actress plays Rosie Goode, the daughter of Frank (portrayed by Robert De Niro) who mistakenly believes she has been living the Las Vegas high life.

“Clearly everybody”s not fine in the family but that”s what modern families do. They put on a front,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

The 35-year-old star continued: “It”s a film about connection and communicating. I found the whole concept intriguing. As you grow up there is this shock at how distant people can become, how much they grow apart and how difficult it is to carve out time for your family and friends.

“Rosie puts on an act for her father because she knows he”s really proud that his little girl has realised all her dreams.

“So even though she”s struggling, she”s not going to show him that. She”s trying to do the right thing but, like her sister and brothers, she”s stuck in a cycle that needs to be broken.”

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