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Former Playboy model Cindy Margolis is set to unveil a new dating reality show where participants are made to give sperm samples.

The show titled ”Seducing Cindy” will be aired on Fox Reality Channel from January 30.

Margolis has some knowledge about infertility as she gave birth to her three children through IVF and later penned a book “Having a Baby… When the Old-Fashioned Way Isn’t Working.”

“I am the spokesperson for Resolve, the National Infertility Association, so we could get away with it. We had one competition where the guys had to go through what I went through and give a sperm sample,” Fox News quoted her, as saying.

She said: “It was interesting to have 25 guys go off into a room and bring you back a sperm sample. Clinically, I know how to test sperm, and I tested each of the guy’s sperm on my show. It was the craziest thing.”

Men aged 18-49 are participating in the show and will go through a string of interesting tests to win Margolis’ love.

And according to the 44-year-old beauty the guys were quite delighted to play the “sperm” game.

Margolis said: “The looks on the guys faces [were] priceless, I don”t think that any man would ever think in their lifetime they would be asked to give their sperm sample on national television! They were in pure shock! But I will say that I do give the guys a lot of credit. Each one of them was ”up” for the challenge.

“The intention of my asking the men to give me their sample was for them have some insight into my real life. They came to the show to vie for the love of their ”fantasy woman,” Cindy Margolis. I wanted the men to see that my real life has not been a fantasy.”

And Margolis also revealed that she has had her own share of loneliness.

She said: “[For a while] I couldn’t even get a date. So then to have 25 men vying for my love, then to say goodbye to each of them one at a time was the toughest part for me. I didn’t know it would be that emotional, my heart was on the line.”


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