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Paris Hilton is set to release her second album, which is inspired by her musical icon Kylie Minogue.

The socialite is preparing to release her as-yet-untitled album – a follow up to her 2006 debut, Paris.

And the hotel heiress has insisted that she has taken inspiration from ‘Spinning Around’ hitmaker Minogue in the hope her second release will be a bigger hit with fans.

“My record is in production now. I recently finished recording it. It”s very like dance, club music,” the Daily Star quoted her as telling Heat magazine.

“I really have always loved Kylie Minogue – she”s one of my favourite artists. I”ve just been really inspired by her. I just wanted to kind of emulate her. I just kind of love her sound and I love the way she is, so I was inspired by her and the album”s going to be out in a couple of months,” she added.

Paris Hilton’s publicist has dismissed reports that the beauty was giving a Nazi salute while partying aboard a luxury yacht in St Tropez, France.

The hotel heiress is seen wearing a military-style hat, holding her finger under her nose and pointing her hand upward in a Heil Hitler-like salute in the photograph.

The 29-year-old came under fire from fans shortly after the picture emerged online, but her spokesman has adamantly denied that the “Simple Life” star was simulating a salute, explaining that the photo was merely taken out of context.

“Paris was dancing and having fun with her arm up in the air as she always dances like that and was scratching [her] face when a photo was taken,” the New York Daily News quoted Hilton”s rep as telling the Daily Mail.

“The hat was not a Communist hat, it”s a military style hat from a club. Half of her family is Jewish and many of her friends are as well,” Hilton”s rep added.

Paris Hilton was spotted topless as she enjoyed her Italian holiday.

The ’House of wax’ star was spotted jet skiing, and sunbathing topless and hanging with her friends on a yacht, reports Radaronline.com.

The heiress and her friends were off the coast of the Italian island of Sardinia, and wearing a top didn’t seem to be necessary.

Previously, Hilton was questioned and released by police at the airport in Corsica when they discovered less than a gram of marijuana from here.

A South African court has dropped a marijuana-smoking case against US socialite Paris Hilton.

The multi-millionaire socialite was detained for interrogation over the issue, but her Los Angeles-based rep has said that the case against her has been dropped.

“I can confirm that the incident was a complete misunderstanding and it was actually another person in the group who did it,” Radaronline quoted her rep Dawn Miller as saying.

“The case has been dropped against Paris and no charges will be made,” he added.

In fact, African officials have apologised for their confusion.

“The authorities have apologized for wrongfully accusing her since she had nothing to do with the incident,” added Miller.

Hilton was ordered to appear before a special court sanctioned to deal with World Cup crime.

There, the heiress was reportedly told police had dropped their complaint.

However, one person in Hilton’s group pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay a small fine.

Socialite Paris Hilton was seen showing off more than her moves when R ‘n’ B singer Ne-Yo invited her to join him on stage during his Las Vegas gig.

Ne-Yo, 30, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, asked Hilton, 29, to join him as he sang ‘Miss Independent’ at nightclub Surrender.

The heiress is said to have launched into a raunchy routine, hitching up her black and gold mini dress to show the audience her skimpy undies.

She then rubbed herself up and down the rapper as the crowd cheered her on.

“So amazing last night when Ne-Yo took me onstage during his performance of my favourite song Miss Independent. I love when lyrics ring true,” the Sun quoted her as having written on Twitter.

Socialite Paris Hilton’s beer commercial has been deemed too hot for television by Brazil’s Secretariat for Women’s Affairs.

The ad shows Hilton, 29, in a short black dress preening and rubbing a can of Devassa beer on herself, to the delight of onlookers watching through her window.

Even though the ad may not initially appear very explicit, Brazil’s regulations say beer commercials cannot treat women as overtly sensual objects.

“It’s an ad that devalues women – in particular, blonde women,” the Telegraph quoted a spokeswoman for the Women’s Secretariat who said it had received numerous complaints.

Eduardo Correia, a spokesman for the regulator Conar, which has opened three separate investigations into the campaign, said many Brazilian beer ads feature women in bikinis – but a key difference is that those are set on the beach.

“The problem with the ad isn’t a lack of clothing, but its sensual nature,” Correia said.

“A woman in a bikini on a beach isn’t necessarily sensual; it depends on the context,” he added.

Conar is a private agency that cannot legally force a company to remove an advert.

But Correia said that in 23 years of existence, Conar has conducted more than 7,000 investigations and not one of its recommendations has been ignored.

Grupo Schincariol makes Devassa, which can also be translated as “naughty”, and Devassa’s “Bem Loura” beer, meaning “Very Blond”, also features an Internet campaign with Hilton wearing lingerie and high heels

Paris Hilton reportedly ended up exposing her underwear after getting drunk during the Valentine”s weekend in Brazil.

The hotel heiress was said to have had one too many while promoting a new beer at a launch party.

The actress, who arrived with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, was later seen resorting to embarrassing drunken antics, The Sun reported.

At one point, her thong was clearly visible through her purple off-the-shoulder dress while she was photographed on all fours, the paper said.

The star was later left in an awkward situation when her attempts to display some sexy moves apparently landed in disaster.

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