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Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson is doing her bit to help victims of the oil spill.

She will fly to New Orleans to help evacuate dogs with PETA.

The DWTS alum will attend a Comedy Central roast of her Baywatch co-star David Hasselhoff in L.A. but will skip the after party to fly overnight to New Orleans.

“There are far more dogs than homes everywhere, but the crisis in Louisiana is prompting people to open their hearts and doors to animals in trouble,” UsMagazine.com quoted Anderson as saying.

Anderson, the honorary director of PETA, personally paid local adoption, spay-and-neuter and flea treatment costs to relocate the pooches to Virginia, where PETA is based.

“The real key to both the local and national homeless animal crisis is to spay and neuter dogs and cats and to always adopt never buy from pet shops,” Anderson said.

Always fantasised about waking up with Pamela Anderson? Well, now your dream can turn into reality—all you have to do is buy her mobile app and she will wake you up with sultry phrases.

A Sydney mobile phone application company convinced Hollywood”s best-known blonde bombshell to strip off and roll around on the sheets for a new iPhone project.

Called Wakey Wakey, the application is a video alarm clock that features lingerie-clad Anderson saucily coaxing the user to get out of bed.

And in snooze mode, the sexy siren would be seen imploring the user to linger a little longer.

However, the Playboy hottie said that she had some doubts about the app”s prospects for success.

“I”ve always had trouble getting guys out of bed so I can”t guarantee this will work,” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

“People ask me to do silly things all the time. And I thought this was kind of tongue-in-cheek and funny.

“But the only men I am waking up right now are my children,” she added.

The former Baywatch actress, who arrives in Australia this week for the premiere of Dancing With The Stars, said she was not much good at using the iPhone.

“I”m not a gizmologist. I do have an iPhone but I barely know how to work it. I don”t really know what they”re for. I just like doing things that are fun and that”s about as far as it goes for me,” she said.

And the brain behind the idea of roping in Pammie is of Darren Winterford of Creative Licence Digital, based in Manly.

Pamela Anderson has declared the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as the ‘end of the world’.

“It’s terrible, it’s awful. It feels like it is the end of the world to me,” Fox News quoted the actress/animal rights activist as telling Pop Tarts at last week’s Big Bluff Online Trivia Game launch.

“I’m working with international bird rescue, they’re expecting (it to get a lot worse) which is unbelievable. It’s the worst thing that could happen, and we won’t know what the effects are until later.”

Unlike the tragedy in Haiti in January, there hasn’t been an overwhelming response of donations, large-scale fund-raisers, contribution-driven websites and hotlines, or PSAs encouraging Americans to do all they can to help out.

“Hollywood stars have a romance with saving foreign countries, they see America as this rich and powerful country that should fix problems on its own,” said media expert Michael Levine.

“Celebrities feel heroic in saving people from other places. Patriotism isn’t of interest, sometimes Hollywood forgets that America needs care and consideration too.”

But according to other entertainment industry experts, it’s not a case of celebrities only wanting to help out foreign countries: it’s a case of this being a man-made disaster as opposed to a natural one.

Media expert Dana Livingston Ward explains, “We”re all referring to this environmental mishap as ‘the BP oil spill,’ which automatically places blame on BP, therefore no one – Hollywood included – feels the need to pay for a problem caused by someone else.”

But some, like Kevin Costner, Lenny Kravitz, John Legend, and Mos Def have pitched in to help any which way they can.

But despite her concern over the wildlife affected by the spill, Anderson has faith in US President Barack Obama, despite the harsh criticism he has been under for not doing enough.

“I (totally blame) the oil people. They made a big mistake of not having a back-up plan,” Anderson added. “I would definitely like to see Obama do more, but I also want to support him and what he stands for. I think he’s a good president and he’s very compassionate, and we have to just trust that he knows best.”

Pamela Anderson has confessed that her dream job is to play a Bond Girl.

She admitted that the role in the Bond series is what she aims at.

“Wouldn’t that be great? I could check that off ‘the list’ if it happened. I’m going to start preparing for that possibility,” The Daily Star quoted her as saying.

Anderson, 42, is currently a participant on reality TV show ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in the US.

Pamela Anderson and long time friend David Hasselhoff reunited for an awards bash in California.

Both the actors starred in the series about LA county lifeguards named ‘Baywatch.’

The 57-year-old hunk and 42-year-old model got together really well as they gave out awards in California, reports The Mirror.

But both the actors looked quite wrinkly than their Baywatch versions.

Pamela Anderson has said she feels bad for Sandra Bullock, whose husband Jesse James” multiple affairs were exposed last month.

The ”Baywatch” star said that the media coverage of the affair must have made things worse for ”The Blind Side” actress.

“That sucks. That”s terrible… I do know them. And I feel bad for her… I had no idea. You know, again, I don”t really know what”s going on with them personally,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

She added: “I haven”t talked to them in a long time but it”s just all too bad. It”s too bad that it”s so public and everyone talks about it because it”s hard enough, you know, privately.”

‘Baywatch’ star Pamela Anderson has spoken out about reports that she failed to pay almost 333,000 pounds in taxes, insisting that she is working to resolve the “temporary but embarrassing situation”.

The California Franchise Tax Board released its annual list of delinquent taxpayers earlier this month, and named Anderson, 42, as one of the main culprits.

According to records, Anderson has allegedly failed to pay a staggering 329,000 pounds in income tax instalments.

But the actress is adamant the situation will be set right soon – blaming “events out of my control” for the failure to pay.

“I’m not trying to avoid any tax obligation. Certain events occurred, outside of my control, which caused this temporary but embarrassing situation,” the Daily Express quoted her as writing in a post on her Twitter.com page.

“All of my tax obligations will be resolved in the very near future,” she added.

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