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A luxury hotel in northern Cyprus has reportedly threatened to sue pop star Jennifer Lopez for 40millon dollar after she called off a performance there for “political” reasons.

The singer was due to perform on July 24 at the Cratos Premium hotel and casino complex – but the booking outraged Greek Cypriots in the south of the island nation.

They claimed that performing in the disputed north would be equivalent to making a political statement and the singer was flooded with thousands of letters of protest.

“Jennifer Lopez would never knowingly support any state, country, institution or regime that was associated with any form of human rights abuse,” the Sky News quoted spokesperson for JLo as telling TMZ.com.

“After a full review of the relevant circumstances in Cyprus, it was the decision of management to withdraw from the appearance. This was a team decision that reflects our sensitivity to the political realities of the region.”

However Feza Firat, whose agency represents the Cratos hotel, claimed that Lopez had been “led to believe there was a war going on”.

He added that the singer””s fee had already been paid.

The US-based American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association claimed the concert would “lend credence to an illegal entity recognised only by Turkey”.


Jennifer Lopez has ‘withdrawn’ from a concert in a European territory currently under military occupation.

The singer claimed that she never would have agreed to perform had she known the ‘relevant circumstances’ surrounding the intense political situation.

Multiple Greek and Cypriot politicians expressed anger after reports surfaced claiming that Lopez has agreed to perform at a swanky hotel in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus on July 24.

“Jennifer Lopez would never knowingly support any state, country, institution or regime that was associated with any form of human rights abuse,” TMZ quoted her rep as saying.

“After a full review of the relevant circumstances in Cyprus, it was the decision of management to withdraw from the appearance. This was a team decision that reflects our sensitivity to the political realities of the region,” the rep added.

Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony renewed their vows on their sixth wedding anniversary.

The 40-year-old singer and her husband held a ceremony at their estate in Hidden Hills, California on Saturday.

The couple, who have two-year-old twins Max and Emma, decided to keep the colour scheme black, brown and white, with black martini glasses and white lilies at an outdoor poolside lounge area.

“The bets on whether we”d make it stopped at five years, so we”re really looking forward to this one. This is a big anniversary,” the Sun quoted Marc, 41, as saying.

While most struggle to shed their baby weight, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have done it effortlessly, all thanks to a new French diet, which claims you can eat whatever you want and yet not put on the pounds.

The Dukan diet is fast becoming popular and it is already Amazon’s No1 diet book – even though it doesn’t go on sale until May 13.

More than 1.5 million French women already swear by the slimming regime devised by nutritionist Dr Pierre Dukan 10 years ago. And over the last decade it has spread by word of mouth, web forum and blog to 20 countries.

Lopez, 40, who is a firm believer of the Dukan diet, lost a lot of weight and regained her foxy figure two years after becoming mum to twins Emme and Max.

“I just remember being pregnant and marvelling at the hugeness of every area of my body,” the Mirror quoted Lopez as saying.

“I’d stand there naked and look in the mirror from all angles. I did marvel at how my already ample rear end was now humongous!

“I worked out a lot. I struggled to get rid of the last 20 pounds. I had to change my eating habits after having the twins.

“I eat a lot less now than I used to. But I love bread and you’re not allowed bread with most diets,” she explained about her weight loss.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who gave birth to son Benjamin four months ago, has also sprung back into super-slender shape and was even confident enough to wear a clingy, purple dress in Paris earlier this month.

And Jessica Szohr, the star of TV teen drama Gossip Girl, says the diet suits her perfectly because it lets her keep up her daily rhythm of sport, filming and shopping without feeling like she’s on a diet.

“I eat lots of animal and vegetable proteins in the form of meat and soya and I never feel hungry. If I overindulge, I make up for it the following day by exercising or by eating smaller portions,” she said.

After enjoying motherhood for two blissful years, Jennifer Lopez is back in the business, and she says “I won”t stop what I”m doing”.

The stunner is making a comeback with a new movie, record deal, fashion range and a lucrative world tour, reports The Mirror.

She says: “I feel like it’s a new beginning.

“It’s a bit like when I was a teenager about to embark on this career but it’s much more challenging, difficult and harder.”

“I have so much more experience now but I feel just as fresh as I did back then and I’m excited about my life,” she said.

“I won’t stop doing what I do. Maybe I’ll get to a point where I’m tired and feel I’ve done enough, but right now I see myself always working and expressing myself – whether in music or movies or fashion or whatever. That’s what I love to do,” she added.

Sean “Puffy” Combs may find himself dragged into the case between Jennifer Lopez and her former husband Ojani Noa over the possible existence of an alleged sex tape involving the former couple.

Ed Meyer, Noa”s business manager, said he may call Combs, who previously dated the singer for over two years, to the witness stand as part of the proceedings over Noa”s attempt to release a video he shot of the star when they were married.

The legal team for the actress won an injunction blocking the release on the grounds that the video was private and personal.

“Ojani”s footage is not a sex tape. In addition to kissing women, there are points where she”s lap dancing Ojani [and others]. All with her clothes on. We”re trying to establish that it”s not a sex tape and therefore usable in Ojani”s movie,” the New York Post quoted Meyer as saying.

Jay Lavely, Lopez”s lawyer, said: “Ed Meyer”s comments are false and ridiculous. Ms. Lopez will be completely vindicated on her claims in this matter.”

Jennifer Lopez has said she will remain in the glamour industry till she is 71 years old.

The singer, who has become a mother in recent years, has no plans of curtailing her career.

“I”ll be doing some form of this when I”m 71. This is what I do. What, because I have kids and a husband I”m not supposed to be me? I”m hyper J.Lo,” the Telegraph quoted her as telling US Elle magazine.

She added: “Everything I wanted before, I want twice as much now. Not material things – but to explore and think more.

“Being an artist doesn”t start because you”re 21 and it doesn”t end because you”re 51.

“You need that time to grow. You can”t be, ”Oh, I”m out of the public, I”m going to have to make a comeback”.

“My manager swears I should direct. I”m like, ”I”m not ready. Maybe when I”m 71.”

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