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Taylor Momsen, 17, slammed for talking about sex toys publicly

Posted on: July 28, 2010

Taylor Momsen is being criticized for speaking publicly about her affinity for sex toys.

The “Gossip Girl” star, 17, who is not legally of age to enter venues that sell sexual paraphernalia, recently divulged intimate details to Disorder Magazine.

When asked if she is currently single, Momsen confirmed, and also added that she is “bored of men” and that her “best friend is her vibrator”.

“In my way of raising daughters, she shouldn”t be involved with ‘men’ and any of these men who have driven her to sexual boredom belong locked up because our society says men having sexual encounters with those under the age of consent are criminals,” Fox News quoted Shirlee Smith, CEO of the Talk About Parenting organization, as saying.

Dr. Bill Donohue, President of The Catholic League, concurred.

“Our society was a much happier place when Annette Funicello pranced around as a ‘Mickey Mouse Mouseketeer,’ and now we have Taylor Momsen prancing around with a dildo in hand. Looks like this gal”s got lots of issues. No wonder she voiced her insanity in a magazine called Disorder.”

Dr. Scott Turansky of the National Center for Biblical Parenting echoed similar sentiments.

“Taylor Momsen is projecting a negative image that will result in failure in her life. Sadly, she is influencing other young women to follow in her steps. Unfortunately the fame and fortune of Miss Momsen is misleading and many of these girls will find out only too late that they”re following the wrong model.”

Talk show host and film critic Michael Medved also felt the same.

“Taylor Momsen may be ‘bored of men’ but I”m bored of brain-dead starlets who abuse their fifteen-minutes of fleeting fame by making outrageous statements calculated to produce outrage and gather attention. When her career as a distinguished thespian runs its course she can always get work doing infomercials for the vibrator industry.”


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