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R&B singer Rihanna has revealed that she agreed to duet with Eminem on his new track as she could relate to the song”s references to an abusive relationship.

The ‘Umbrella’ hitmaker lends her vocals for Eminem’s new track ‘Love The Way You Lie’ which focuses on domestic violence.

It features the lyrics, ‘I laid hands on her/I”ll never stoop so low again/I guess I don”t know my own strength.’

Rihanna admitted she instantly ‘understood’ the song because of her experiences with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown – who famously attacked the singer in 2009.

“It”s something that, you know, we”ve both experienced… on different sides, different ends of the table,” the Daily Star quoted Rihanna as telling Access Hollywood.

“He (Eminem) pretty much just broke down the cycle of domestic violence and it”s something that people don”t have a lot of insight on.

“I knew if he sent me a record there must be something to it. It couldn”t just be, ”Oh, Duh! She was in that relationship so we have to get her.” The lyrics were so deep, so beautiful and intense. It”s something that I understood, something I connected with,” she added.


Things seem to be spicing up between Guy Ritchie and his model girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley.

The pair, who has been together for three months, is reportedly off on holiday together, reports the Daily Express.

The 41-year-old director and 28-year-old model are on a sailing trip around the Mediterranean.

Ritchie’s son Rocco with ex-wife Madonna is accompanying the couple too.

They are staying on board a multi-million-pound motor yacht. They have been soaking up the sun and getting involved in water sports including jet biking.

Lindsay Lohan’s attorney has revealed that the actress is little upset and worried about her mandatory three months in the rehab centre.

Shawn Chapman Holley also said that Lohan, who has been jailed for violating probation in a DUI case, wants to spend some time with her family before rehab.

“She’s a little upset right now,” People magazine quoted Holley as saying.

“She”d like to spend some time with her family, and there’s at least some question as to whether or not she’ll have to go directly to rehab.”

Prosecutors have confirmed that Lohan must report to an L.A.-based residential rehab facility 24 hours after her release from jail, which likely will be Sunday or Monday, but her attorney is concerned “there”s a push now for her to go directly to rehab from jail.”

“I think it would only be fair for her to spend some time with her family and that’s what she’d like for me to emphasize to judge,” Holley added.

Cheryl Cole has apparently invited her dancer pal Derek Hough to stay with her at her mansion while he searches for a home in London.

Derek, 25, plans to relocate to Britain next month for the rest of the year.

While here. he will meet West End show producers, TV executives and firms keen to sign him up.

And when not at work, the Dancing With The Stars hoofer will relax at Cheryl”s multi-million pound home near Godalming, Surrey.

“Derek has been flooded with offers to work in the UK. Cheryl is thrilled for him and glad that all the interest means he will be spending a lot more time on these shores,” the Sun quoted a source as saying.

“She”s more than happy to have him move in. She is on her way back to full strength now and is looking forward to having a pal round to keep her company.

“Derek is looking for somewhere of his own in West London. But before he finds a new home, he”s glad to shack up with Cheryl,” the source added.

Russell Crowe has confessed that he left his 36-years of smoking habit due to his son, Charlie, who saw him stub out a late-night cigarette.

At a frank press conference the actor, 46, hinted he smoked up to 18,000 cigarettes a year for most of his life, said smoking remained a huge temptation but one he would not go back to.

“Do the maths – I have been smoking for 36 years, I would continuously lie to myself about how much I smoked,” News.com.au quoted him as saying.

“[I was] smoking 40 on an easy day, but on a day when I would be up at 4am and still up at midnight, then it was 60-plus and it just got to the point where my body was telling me I had to stop.”

“The reality break was that my kids never saw me smoke and Charlie is a little older at six and is in that phase where he is sneaking up on me all the time.”

“I was in my office . . . and I thought I heard my office door open and I looked around and couldn”t see anything, so I had my cigarette.”

“Later on I leant over to put my cigarette out and he was lying between the couch and the table and he very definitely saw me having a smoke. And that was my very last one,” he added.

Taylor Momsen is being criticized for speaking publicly about her affinity for sex toys.

The “Gossip Girl” star, 17, who is not legally of age to enter venues that sell sexual paraphernalia, recently divulged intimate details to Disorder Magazine.

When asked if she is currently single, Momsen confirmed, and also added that she is “bored of men” and that her “best friend is her vibrator”.

“In my way of raising daughters, she shouldn”t be involved with ‘men’ and any of these men who have driven her to sexual boredom belong locked up because our society says men having sexual encounters with those under the age of consent are criminals,” Fox News quoted Shirlee Smith, CEO of the Talk About Parenting organization, as saying.

Dr. Bill Donohue, President of The Catholic League, concurred.

“Our society was a much happier place when Annette Funicello pranced around as a ‘Mickey Mouse Mouseketeer,’ and now we have Taylor Momsen prancing around with a dildo in hand. Looks like this gal”s got lots of issues. No wonder she voiced her insanity in a magazine called Disorder.”

Dr. Scott Turansky of the National Center for Biblical Parenting echoed similar sentiments.

“Taylor Momsen is projecting a negative image that will result in failure in her life. Sadly, she is influencing other young women to follow in her steps. Unfortunately the fame and fortune of Miss Momsen is misleading and many of these girls will find out only too late that they”re following the wrong model.”

Talk show host and film critic Michael Medved also felt the same.

“Taylor Momsen may be ‘bored of men’ but I”m bored of brain-dead starlets who abuse their fifteen-minutes of fleeting fame by making outrageous statements calculated to produce outrage and gather attention. When her career as a distinguished thespian runs its course she can always get work doing infomercials for the vibrator industry.”

Elton John has slammed his fellow musicians who decided to boycott Arizona over the SB 1070 immigration law, it has emerged.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, while performing at his sold-out concert at the Tucson Arena, the music icon lashed out on his fellow musicians.

“We are all very pleased to be playing in Arizona. I have read that some of the artists won”t come here. They are f***wits! Let”s face it: I still play in California, and as a gay man I have no legal rights whatsoever. So what”s the (expletive) with these people?” Fox News quoted him as saying.

John is known for not giving into outside pressures when it comes to playing concerts in politically charged environments.

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