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Oliver Stone is convinced that Mel Gibson will have a successful film career, despite the turmoil in his private life.

Wall Street filmmaker Stone also said he is sure that many directors still want to cast Gibson in their film.

“Everyone is supposed to have an opinion, but most directors don”t work that way,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

“Projects are developed slowly, and over the course of weeks, months, there will be projects, and I am sure many of them will want to have Mel Gibson in them,” he added.

Gibson split from Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva in April but a bitter custody battle over their eight-month-old daughter has led to mud-slinging from both camps


‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson has revealed that his incapability to cook has made him seek the services of a special catering company that delivers fresh food daily to him.

According to Germany’s Sachsische Zeitung newspaper, Pattinson, 24, said that his culinary skills don’t extend beyond putting bread in a toaster.

“In Los Angeles I started using a delivery service which only delivers fresh and healthy food,” the Daily Star quoted him as saying.

“Even in the morning I have a bag with healthy food delivered to me. I’ve never in my life lived as healthy as I do now.

“Of course I miss homemade food, but I’m on my own or on the go most of the time. And I can’t cook myself. I only just manage to make some toast.

“I don’t seem to have the genetic endowments for it. I’m incapable (of telling) what tastes good and what doesn’t,” he added.

‘Die Hard’ star Bruce Willis has revealed that his wife Emma Heming is the reason behind his happy life.

According to the Sun, Willis, 55, who divorced Demi Moore in 2000 after 13 years of marriage, confessed he was “single and unhappy” for 10 years until he met Heming, who he married last year.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and this comes after a long period of being kind of lonely, even though I tried to convince myself that I was enjoying my life,” the Daily Star quoted him as saying.

“For much of the last ten years I was single and unhappy. Now I’m happy all the time.

“She’s brought me her incredible spirit and class and beauty and love. Before I met Emma I was very pessimistic about finding that special woman whom I would want to spend my life with.

“I thought it would be difficult for someone like me, who is well known, to find a woman who didn’t have an agenda and who just wanted to be with me because they loved me, pure and simple.

“With Emma, I knew I had found a woman who didn’t need or want anything from me other than for us to be together and be happy.

“But deep down, before that, I wasn’t in a very good place and I didn’t realise that.

“What was missing from my life was having a great woman to love and be together with. Now I have that and it’s beautiful. I never want to spend one moment away from her,” he added.

‘Vanilla Sky’ has been named the most baffling movie of all time.

The movie, starring Tom Cruise, 48, and Penelope Cruz, 36, is about dreams, love and disfigurement.

It beat thriller Mulholland Drive in a poll by DVD rental firm LoveFilm.

“Dreams are the biggest cause of confusion for viewers,” the Daily Star quoted editor Helen Cowley as saying.

It was probably worse than a bad hair day for Britney Spears, when the singer visited a Crate and Barrel store in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Tuesday.

According to Usmagazine.com, the pop star, casually clad in an orange tank top, shorts and chunky brown boots, revealed huge pieces of hair missing from the right, back side of her head – presumably the result of botched hair extensions.

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old singer is said to be back to work on a new album to follow up her comeback smash Circus.

Britney has reportedly been dating her former agent Jason Trawick since spring 2009.

Hollywood actress Jennifer Love Hewitt filmed love scenes with 26 different men over a period of two days for her role as a prostitute in ‘The Client List’.

“We shot all those scenes in two days and I must have done 26 lingerie changes and 26 clients in those two days,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“I was truly a working girl making this movie.

“I would be in a room with one guy then out again and back in with a different guy and a lingerie change. I was cracking up a lot of the time and so were the crew because it was so odd,” she added.

Multiple plastic surgeons believe that Lindsay Lohan surgically plumped her pout before starting her jail term.

“There is no question that Ms. Lohan had filler of some type in her lips,” UsMagazine.com quoted Dr. Michael Olding, the Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at George Washington University, as saying.

Even dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beer, owner of ScientificSkin.com said: “She has had injections of a filler such as Restylane or Juvederm. To me, it looks like about 1 to 2 syringes of product were used on her upper and lower lips… it will last for about 6 to 8 months.”

In photos — taken around the time Lohan”s SCRAM bracelet went off at the MTV Movie Awards in June — “her lips look asymmetric, so she was probably having filler even then,” points out Dr. Olding.

But he believes she got a touch up before checking into jail because, “There is often an initial period of swelling that occurs with injection that rapidly resolves within the first 24 hours.”

Dermatologist Dr. Marcy Street added: “Lohan knew the photo of her mugshot would be widely distributed. It is likely she had it done for this reason.”

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