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Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner has in an interview opened up about late American clergyman Martin Luther King, Jr. hanging out at his mansion.

Hefner, 84, had revealed about King in a documentary by director Brigitte Berman titled, ‘Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel’.

“Back in the 1960s, a lot of members of the clergy came to the Playboy Mansion,” the New York Post quoted him as saying.

“It was a time of real revolution in the social scene in America, and the church was very much involved in that. So the same kind of re-evaluation in terms of values was going on inside religion, as well.

“King was actually in Chicago, because at that time, the city was still very segregated, and he was trying to desegregate the schools. That is how I first met Jesse Jackson. He was with King, and King had done some writing for Playboy.

“As a matter of fact, his last piece appeared in Playboy posthumously and was edited by his widow,” he added.


Music mogul Simon Cowell has spearheaded a national appeal for nominations to Pride of Britain Awards 2010 in a bid to find the nation’s unknown heroes.

Cowell, 50, is trying to locate people who have willingly helped others without expecting anything back in return; people who have shown extraordinary courage, dedication and selflessness.

The Pride of Britain Awards 2010, in partnership with Littlewoods.com, is looking to honour people from emergency services and armed forces to children and adults with ordinary lives.

The ‘X Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent judge’ will launch the campaign on GMTV for the 12th annual ceremony on ITV1 in the autumn.

Cowell, who attends Pride of Britain every year, is not surprised it is the highest rated awards show on telly.

“It is the best awards of the year – it beats the Brits and Baftas. Other awards shows can be quite snotty and the people you meet can be disappointing,” the Mirror quoted Cowell as saying.

“Pride of Britain is the reverse – no ego, no PR people. It’s about normal people who’ve done incredibly special things.

“It means a lot to them to get this recognition and it’s the best leveller in the world for people like me. When you think you’ve got problems – like your mineral water’s not cold enough – these awards put everything into perspective.

“It’s always a really special night, the atmosphere’s fantastic and the stories are incredible. It’s the awards ceremony that gets it right. It’s unique,” he added.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael has slammed her new lawyer, Robert Shapiro over lack of court appeal.

Michael even admitted that his 24-year-old daughter really needs “a lot of prayers” and an attorney who will appeal her July 6 sentence from Judge Marsha Revel for three consecutive 30-day jail stints for violating probation for a pair of 2007 DUI busts.

The troubled star is reported to join Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif. on Tuesday.

Lindsay recently checked into Pickford Lofts, a Los Angeles sober house that uses meetings, meditation, and the 12-step program to address addiction.

Shapiro, who famously represented O.J. Simpson, founded the program.

“It”s a conflict of interest if he”s putting her in his own sober house but not doing anything for her legally,” the New York Daily News quoted Michael Lohan as saying.

“An attorney is ethically responsible for defending their client to the best of their ability.”

“But when you have an attorney like Robert Shapiro, who went through so much with his own son and knows the effects of prescription medications, it doesn”t make sense that he did nothing to appeal her case and get her off the meds before she goes to jail,” he added.

Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher posted a picture of him cuddling a koala on Twitter, as he enjoyed his short stay in Australia.

The actor headed on a whirlwind sightseeing tour as soon as he touched down in Sydney.

Within minutes of arriving from Los Angeles, Kutcher first headed to a wildlife park to meet a koala and snapped himself with his new furry friend.

“Been in Australia 2 hrs and already found this,” news.com.au quoted him as tweeting.

Next on the list for the ‘What Happens in Vegas’ star was skydiving.

“I think I”m gonna jump out of a plane,” he tweeted along with a happy snap.

Kutcher continued playing tourist Down Under, taking a cruise on Sydney”s famed harbour (“I”m on a boat”) before tucking into a meal of kangaroo fillets

Soon-to be launched biography of Angelina Jolie might change the way people think about the star, claims the author.

Andrew Morton, author of the upcoming book “Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography,” has revealed many unknown things about Jolie in the book.

“Angelina Jolie is a woman who lives in plain sight. But what you see is certainly not what you get, as I discovered when I started to look at the reality of her life as opposed to the public image,” the New York Daily News quoted Morton as saying.

“I think my biography will genuinely change the way people view her — and the way she sees herself.”

On Jolie’s obsession with death Morton said: “She wants to see what it”s like on the other side. It”s not that she wants to kill herself; she is curious about the experience of death.”

Morton, who became famous with his sensational best-selling bio ‘Diana: Her True Story’ has promised that his latest book, due out Aug. 3, would expose the woman he describes as “one of the most fascinating and enigmatic celebrities on the planet” for who she really is.

“Over the last year, I have spoken to everyone from ambassadors to directors, fellow actors and even her one-time drug dealer to present a compelling portrait of a beguiling yet elusive woman,” added Morton.

Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan’s debut single debuted at a miserable number 60, shattering all her hopes to top the charts.

The model, 32, sold only around 3,000 copies of ‘Free To Love Again’.

The chart blow came hours after she was booed by clubbers while performing the song – then humiliated when her backing track started to skip, showing that she wasn”t singing live.

“This isn”t the end of Jordan”s music career, ” the Sun quoted a source as saying.

“Nothing is planned for the future but she will sing again. She saw this as a hobby and will continue to do so,” she added.

Even Jordan said, “It makes me realise how hard it is to perform and sing, so credit to the performers out there.”

“I”m not a singer, this is just something I do for fun. I”m not interested in chart positions or number ones – whether people like it or not I”m doing it.”

“It”s not like it”s my main job and I need to get signed up by a record company,” she added.

Jordan is all keen to pair up with fellow cosmetic surgery fan Heidi Montag for her next music venture.

The glamour girl believes that she can create wonders when she will team up with Heidi—the star of US reality show ‘The Hills’.

“Let”s get in touch! There”s lots we can do together,” the Sun quoted her as saying,

It came after Heidi, 23, who caused outrage by having ten plastic surgery procedures in a day, wrote to Jordan.

“I love your new song! Let me on the remix! We will do the sexiest music video ever!” said Heidi.

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