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Liz Hurley is set to become the next Jordan, as she and husband Arun Nayar have agreed to be followed for a fly-on-the-wall series—‘Living’.

Hurley the latest big name to sign up to Living after Katie Price decamped from ITV2 in a 10million pound deal.

The actress and model”s reality show is going to be set on her organic farm in Gloucestershire, where she will be pulling on her wellies.

“People tend to view her as this glamorous girl about town who spends all her time sitting on velvet cushions and drinking champagne with the stars,” the Sun quoted a show source as saying.

“But the reality is she”s actually a bit of a down-to-earth country girl,” added the source.

The show will be both a great insight into Liz Hurley”s busy life and the work she and Arun do on the farm.

“It will also bring a bit of high-end glamour to Living, which is no bad thing,” added the show source.

Hurley is due to start filming the series later this year.

She is the latest big name to sign up to ‘Living’ after Jordan.


American actress Courteney Cox once got so many Botox jabs that she couldn’t even move her face.

The 46-year-old ‘Friends’ star explained how she overdid the anti-wrinkle treatment.

“Sometimes I use Botox. Compared to most, I use it very sparingly,” the Sun quoted Cox as saying.

“One time I did too much, though. I overdid it, I felt trapped in my own skin,” she added.

But Courteney has no issues with getting more injections.

“Ageing gracefully is one thing but trying to slow it is another. I don”t have a problem with it. If it makes you feel better and it”s done properly, then fine,” she said.

A boy brought up by legendary pop star Michael Jackson and his family is rumoured to be his secret son, according to insiders.

Donte Williams Jackson may be the son of the King of Pop and a mystery woman he had a brief fling with.

The Jackson family has raised the 18-year-old boy since he was a toddler and he still lives with Jackson’s 80-year-old mother Katherine.

Alejandra Oaziaza, who has four kids by Jacko’s brothers Randy and Jermaine, mainly looked after Donte.

Earlier it was thought that Donte was the son of Alejandra and Randy, before she left him for Jermaine.

But he can’t be their biological son as he was born just eight months after their previous child.

It is now being speculated that Donte is the son of Jackson from an affair in Las Vegas in the 1990s.

“Michael was always very close to Donte. We’re not even sure if Donte knows who his parents are. He’s one of the nicest kids you could possibly meet,” The Sun quoted a source as saying.

American singer and actress Lindsay Lohan spent her first night at her new attorney’s rehab, less than a week before she is scheduled to spend 90 days in jail and 90 days in an in-patient rehab facility.

Lohan spent her first night in her new attorney Robert Shapiro’s sober living facility Pickford Lofts, according to X17Online.com.

Shapiro signed on to be Lohan’s attorney.

He will not be appealing for Lohan’s 90-day sentence but will instead try to convince Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel to keep her in the facility or minimize her jail term, according to TMZ.

Lohan’s father Michael praised the decision to move her to a rehab but he questioned why this step wasn’t taken earlier.

“It’s a positive step, but if they don’t detox her off the prescription drugs it means nothing. Absolutely nothing,” Fox News quoted Lohan’s father Michael as saying.

“They have to get her off the prescription drugs. If you look at the list of things she’s taking, it’s toxic. I don’t even know how she’s still alive,” he added.

The idea of shifting Lohan came from Shapiro, who founded Pickford Lofts after he lost son in an overdose in 2005, said Michael.

American actress Taylor Momsen has been named as the face for Madonna’s new clothing line ‘Material Girl’.

The 16-year-old star is a regular on the best-dressed lists of fashion magazines and it is believed that her 80s style caught Madonna’s attention.

Previously Momsen was the face of British clothing store New Look.

Madonna and her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes have designed the Material Girl collection.

The ‘Frozen’ hitmaker’s daughter has recently started blogging about the new collection.

The range has been designed for US department store Macy’s and will hit the stores on August 3, 2010.

It is believed to have been inspired by the 80s, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mel Gibson””s estranged wife has reportedly filed a declaration in the court saying she and her children never faced any ill-treatment by the ‘Braveheart’ star.

A source told the Associated Press that Robyn Gibson has filed the statement in a custody hearing between her husband and his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, reports Fox News.

Things went sour between Gibson and his former girlfriend Grigorieva when, the star was accused of being violent in the relationship.

The former couple has an eight-month-old daughter together.

Robyn Gibson filed divorce after 28 years of marriage in April 2009.

The couple has eight children together and their divorce is still in the court.

Actor Mel Gibson still possesses visitation rights and can thus continue meeting his daughter.

According to a source, judge in the Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva’s custody battle is keeping the status quo, which means that Gibson still has visitation rights with his daughter, Lucia –at least for now, reports TMZ.

Mel”s visitation agreement has been signed off on by both parties earlier this year.

And the contract provides for daytime visits and one overnight a week.

It was reported that Grigorieva left Gibson’s Malibu mansion with Lucia after their violent January 6 confrontation.

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