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Mariah Carey has revealed that her hairstylist has burnt her hair with a curling iron.

The ‘Hero’ hit maker was being styled when one of her assistants accidentally caught her with the hot tong.

“Just now hairstylist (who shall remain nameless) abused me w/a (with a) curling iron while trying to curl and dancing to my new song… ow,” the Daily Star quoted her as tweeting.

“I”m searching for some aloe or whatever but it”s not looking pretty… it”s basically a welt… Oh the trials and tribulations (of) Divadom! Now he”s all trying to put toothpaste on it and swears it”s a home remedy, I”m like ”Stop crying, you”re NOT fired”.”


Ronan Keating has finally broken his silence over his affair.

Keating had been caught having a seven-month affair with dancer Francine Cornell, who had performed with the Boyzone during their comeback tour.

When Keating’s ex Yvonne found sex texts in his mobile phone, she threw the singer out of their home in Dublin.

She allowed him back into the house, but they have been living separately.

“It has been a really scary time. Thanks so much for all the support from you over the past few weeks. You were the ones who kept me going,” The Daily Express quoted Keating as telling fans during an intimate festival at Henley.

Malaria-stricken Cheryl Cole has been urged by doctors to cut down on junk food.

The ‘X Factor’ judge has been told to swap the sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Doctors believe her love of fatty and sugary foods has destroyed her immune system and have even told her to quit her hectic work schedule if she wants to stay healthy.

Cole’s weight issues and love of junk food led her to a diet of fry-ups, chips, burgers, cakes, doughnuts and chocolate bars every day.

“Every time I’m with her she’s got a Mars bar or she is drinking a full-fat Coke,” the Daily Star quoted her friend, designer Matthew Williamson, as saying.

“I say: ‘How do you keep so thin, Cheryl?’ And she goes: ‘I’m naturally thin,’ ”he added.

Mel Gibson apparently pulled a handgun on then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva when she tried to leave his Malibu mansion after their violent January 6 confrontation.

According to a source, Gibson keeps a handgun in his bedroom at all times.

“Oksana claims that after Mel hit her, she escaped outside and ran barefooted to the outdoor area at the home, near the pool,” RadarOnline.com quoted the source as saying.

“When Mel disappeared, Oksana said she ran back inside to find her car keys so she could leave the house.

“That’s when Mel re-emerged holding the gun and began waving it in front of Oksana’s face, she has told investigators.

“Oksana said she was panicked and while searching for the keys, Mel came up to her and said, ‘I will show you how to get out of here fast,’ which she interpreted to be a death threat,” the source added.

Oksana then grabbed Lucia, fled to her car and escaped Mel’s compound.

If you want to act in the new Spice Girls musical, you would have to impress the girls themselves.

The ‘Spice Up Your Life’ stars have been asked to contribute to the production process for Viva Forever, a musical inspired by the songs of the all-conquering girl group, comprising of Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm.

Bunton is evidently thrilled to join her former band mates.

“It”s all going great. We”ve all been getting together for meetings. We”re working with Judy Craymer, who worked on Mamma Mia!, the musical and film. She”s great! It”s lovely for us girls as well to have a project to work on again.

“It will be a very different story and not based on our actual lives, so we won”t be looking for people to play us, but we are going to be involved in the casting. So, don”t worry, the girls will make sure there are plenty of good-looking boys in there!” The Daily Express quoted Bunton as telling DigitalSpy.co.uk

The former home of Michael Jackson could be turned into California”s latest state park.

The idea has been pitched by assemblyman Mike Davis, who wants to convert Jackson”s 2,500-acre estate – which once housed amusement park rides and a zoo with tigers and snakes.

According to him, NAACP president Alice Huffman and others approached him with the idea.

Colony Capital LLC, a Santa Barbara-based private equity firm, co-owns the estate with the Jackson family, after he had nearly lost it to foreclosure.

“Given that we have an economic shortfall … I suspect it would be difficult for the State Parks Department to purchase the property alone,” The Telegraph quoted Davis as saying.

“I am committed to finding out all the details possible to make this a good proposal,” he added.

It”s not clear how the state would pay for even part of the ranch or ongoing costs to maintain and operate it, given recent budget cuts to the Department of Parks and Recreation.

American actress Jennifer Aniston’s alleged new love interest, ‘True Blood’ actor Chris Gartin, is the ex-husband of one of her closest friends.

Gartin’s ex-wife Joanne is an Australian-born wedding planner-to-the-stars, who been a close friend of Aniston since a long time.

It was due to the friendship that Aniston met Gartin, reports Radaronline.com

“I’m really not at all interested in it,” Joanne said when asked about the relationship between Aniston and Gartin.

“Jennifer has been my friend – our friend for over 10 years. We have known each other a long time,” she added.

The romance between Chris and Aniston was discovered when the couple was photographed leaving dinner at Los Angeles’ Sunset Tower Hotel July 1, in the same vehicle.

“It’s been difficult for Joanne,” Robbie Ahlfeld, Joanne’s stepmother told Australian magazine Woman’s Day.

“It just seems so bizarre to me because Jo and Jen are such good friends. I find it very strange that Jen would do that to Jo,” she added.

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