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Leonardo DiCaprio was close to mental meltdown while on the set of ‘Shutter Island’.

On-set consultant Dr James Gilligan, who worked with DiCaprio, 35, during the entire shoot, feared for the ‘Titanic’ star as he fought to get to grips with his character.

And we discovered that DiCaprio, who played US Marshal Teddy Daniels, was not his usual cool self during the shooting of the film.

The film was shot at the eerie, abandoned mental hospital where the film was shot in Boston, Massachusetts.

The box-office hit shows his character investigating weird goings-on at the psychiatric clinic.

According to Gilligan, DiCaprio descended into the kind of nervous state witnessed in real mental health patients.

“You could see the level of tension building up in him. He constantly tried to avoid being taken over by his character,” the Daily Star quoted him as saying.

DiCaprio even admitted he was emotionally moved by the movie.

He revealed: “This was a very tough film to make for sure, both emotionally and physically. It was among one of the harder ones I’ve done.”

Before filming, DiCaprio was shown a documentary about the mistreatment of patients in the 1950s – when the film is set – showing electric shock therapies and lobotomies.

The star researched the role in such detail he even studied an official mental health doctors’ training video on the Internet.

He read up on how different treatments affect patients, how they act and what they look like.

Dr Gilligan said: “DiCaprio wanted to get in the skin of Teddy – learning the character’s conditions in detail – which he did successfully.”

The 100-million-dollar bidding war to sign Robbie Williams seems to be heating up as the RCA label are doing everything to get him aboard.

The Sony Stable recently appointed Chris Briggs, the A&R veteran who rescued Robbie”s career from failure in its early days.

Briggs was the one who put Williams in touch with songwriter Guy Chambers – the pair came up with a string of hits including the career-saving Angels.

“RCA have played a blinder by getting Chris on board,” The Sun quoted an industry source as saying.

“He”s one of the most significant figures in Robbie”s life and it”s sure to influence his decision whether he signs with them,” the source added.

Another smart move by RCA was to hire Oz singer Sia – who is represented by Williams’ management.

Williams however has another 18 busy months ahead of him and in no hurry to make a decision.

Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson is doing her bit to help victims of the oil spill.

She will fly to New Orleans to help evacuate dogs with PETA.

The DWTS alum will attend a Comedy Central roast of her Baywatch co-star David Hasselhoff in L.A. but will skip the after party to fly overnight to New Orleans.

“There are far more dogs than homes everywhere, but the crisis in Louisiana is prompting people to open their hearts and doors to animals in trouble,” UsMagazine.com quoted Anderson as saying.

Anderson, the honorary director of PETA, personally paid local adoption, spay-and-neuter and flea treatment costs to relocate the pooches to Virginia, where PETA is based.

“The real key to both the local and national homeless animal crisis is to spay and neuter dogs and cats and to always adopt never buy from pet shops,” Anderson said.

Sylvester Stallone is considering directing a ‘Rambo’ prequel with a young actor in the role to tell the story of the character”s youth.

The 64-year-old has now conceded that he is getting too old, and therefore he’s planning to continue the Rambo franchise by handing the role over to a younger actor for a prequel.

“I certainly think this is worth pondering because it”s intriguing to find the whys and wherefores of how people have come to become what they are,” the Daily Express quoted him s telling Moviehole.net.

“The traumas, the loss and the tragedy of being in Vietnam would certainly be a great challenge for a young actor and it would be ironic that Rambo directs younger Rambo after having played it for 20 plus years,” he added.

Sandra Bullock’s representative has asked for her part in a public service announcement video on Gulf spill to be edited, till it is confirmed that the clip has not been influenced by a coalition of oil companies.

It turns out that the PSA ‘Be the One’ produced by a Louisiana-based group, has been sponsored by America”s Wetland Foundation, a group allegedly connected to oil companies including BP, Shell and American Petroleum.

Bullock had signed up to appear in the clip to promote a petition asking U.S. politicians to put together a fully funded restoration plan to help the beleaguered Gulf Coast.

The Daily Express reports that, till the truth comes out, her part in the video be removed, according to NOLA.com.

“Ms. Bullock was originally contacted through her attorney to be a part of the PSA in order to promote awareness of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico,” The Daily Express quoted Bullock”s spokeswoman Cheryl Maisel, as saying in a statement.

“At no time was she made aware that any organization, oil company or otherwise had influence over Women of the Storm or its message.

“(Bullock will continue to) pursue opportunities that will bring awareness and support to the plight of the Gulf region,” she added.

Hollywood actress Jessica Biel has revealed that she constantly worries about where her next paycheque is coming from.

Biel admitted to worrying about paying the bills because she can go months without receiving any movie offers.

“Since I was so young when I started (acting) I didn”t think about it (money). I just liked it, it was fun. But as I got older and started to become an adult and then had to get a car and have to pay for insurance and all those things… it”s a huge worry,” The Daily Star quoted Biel as saying.

“For example, I haven”t worked at all this year. I haven”t made a film so I haven”t had a pay cheque and I won”t do anything until September and I don”t know if I”ll do anything after.

“It”s always up in the air constantly. My life is very much a question mark when the next pay cheque is coming in and even when it seems like you make enough money, you sometimes don”t know when the next cheque is coming in,” she added.

A rare unpublished work by Harry Potter author JK Rowling is going under the hammer for a whopping 25,000 pounds.

And the piece of work is a hand-drawn, personal horoscope and natal chart, which Rowling gave to the newborn son of a friend at the time she was writing the first Potter book.

The multimillionaire writer, who celebrates her 45th birthday today, had met the parents of the boy at baby classes she attended with her daughter Jessica when she was a penniless single mother in Edinburgh.

The horoscope, dedicated to Jack David Buchanan who was born in 1994, gives a fascinating insight into Rowling”s writing and imagination before she went on to worldwide success.

It comprises 12 loose pages in a plastic folder and is being sold by memorabilia specialists Paul Fraser Collectibles.

The cover illustration depicts the chart”s key astrological symbols of the sun, fishes and a lion in pen, ink, and coloured pencil laid down on bright blue card.

In the horoscope, Rowling, who is now worth more than 500 million pounds, displays a detailed knowledge of Western astrology, which later played an important part in her books.

“Born the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. He will enjoy school, perhaps be accident-prone, (like all Pisces) could be prone to alcoholism, and (perhaps like us all) may well fall in love with someone totally incompatible,” the Scotsman quoted her as saying.

A spokeswoman for Paul Fraser Collectibles said: “Unpublished illustrations and writings by JK Rowling are incredibly rare and offer a wonderful insight into the creative mind behind Harry Potter.

“It is possible to detect in this short piece some of the characteristics that were shortly to bring Rowling”s prose such extraordinary success; a great and varied sense of humour, flights of fancy underpinned by an internal logic, and of course a mingling of the everyday world with the strange and magical.”

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