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”Cheryl Tweedy saved my life”, admits friend

Posted on: June 28, 2010

Cheryl Tweedy’s closest friend has revealed that the singer left no stone unturned to get her away from drugs.

Katherine Tait, who grew up with the X Factor queen Cheryl Tweedy, become a drug addict at 17.

Katherine, 28, is now clean of drugs, and has revealed that it was Cheryl who forced her to confront her £150-a-day addiction.

“If I’d have carried on with the drugs I would be dead now. I owe my life to Cheryl,” the Mirror quoted Katherine as saying.

“The pair of us were like sisters. Cheryl was the person who told my mum what I’d got into and ultimately it was that which saved my life,” she added.

Katherine even told that Cheryl was in tears and furious when she first discovered her dabbling in heroin with Cheryl’s then boyfriend Jason Mack.

“She found us together at his house one day and went ballistic. She was screaming at both of us. She said we’d broken her heart,” said Katherine.

“Cheryl would cry and beg me to stop using heroin.”

“Cheryl would say, ‘You’re too good for this. You’re from a good family, you have a little boy. Please, please stop’.

“Cheryl begged and begged me to get help. When that didn’t work she told my mum what was going on.”

“It must have been really difficult for Cheryl to say to my mum , ‘Your daughter is hooked on heroin’, but that’s exactly what she did,” she added.

Katherine says she has now been clean for three years.

“Cheryl might not realise this – but telling my mum was the best thing she could have done,” she said.

“I never thanked her for it at the time, but I couldn’t have stayed clean for as long as I have without the support of my family – and Cheryl was the one who helped me get that.

“I’m really happy she’s done so well, and I’m proud to call her my friend, ” she added.


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