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Pammie calls Gulf of Mexico oil spill ”end of the world”

Posted on: June 2, 2010

Pamela Anderson has declared the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as the ‘end of the world’.

“It’s terrible, it’s awful. It feels like it is the end of the world to me,” Fox News quoted the actress/animal rights activist as telling Pop Tarts at last week’s Big Bluff Online Trivia Game launch.

“I’m working with international bird rescue, they’re expecting (it to get a lot worse) which is unbelievable. It’s the worst thing that could happen, and we won’t know what the effects are until later.”

Unlike the tragedy in Haiti in January, there hasn’t been an overwhelming response of donations, large-scale fund-raisers, contribution-driven websites and hotlines, or PSAs encouraging Americans to do all they can to help out.

“Hollywood stars have a romance with saving foreign countries, they see America as this rich and powerful country that should fix problems on its own,” said media expert Michael Levine.

“Celebrities feel heroic in saving people from other places. Patriotism isn’t of interest, sometimes Hollywood forgets that America needs care and consideration too.”

But according to other entertainment industry experts, it’s not a case of celebrities only wanting to help out foreign countries: it’s a case of this being a man-made disaster as opposed to a natural one.

Media expert Dana Livingston Ward explains, “We”re all referring to this environmental mishap as ‘the BP oil spill,’ which automatically places blame on BP, therefore no one – Hollywood included – feels the need to pay for a problem caused by someone else.”

But some, like Kevin Costner, Lenny Kravitz, John Legend, and Mos Def have pitched in to help any which way they can.

But despite her concern over the wildlife affected by the spill, Anderson has faith in US President Barack Obama, despite the harsh criticism he has been under for not doing enough.

“I (totally blame) the oil people. They made a big mistake of not having a back-up plan,” Anderson added. “I would definitely like to see Obama do more, but I also want to support him and what he stands for. I think he’s a good president and he’s very compassionate, and we have to just trust that he knows best.”


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