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Susan Boyle ”swears at niece over jet delay”

Posted on: April 12, 2010

Susan Boyle had a row with her niece Joanne, who is also her personal assistant, at Heathrow airport, following a trip to Japan, it has emerged.

Despite giving a superb performance with an elite orchestra in Tokyo in front of 10,000 fans, the singer”s mood was not good, sources say.

Apparently, the five-day trip was marked by rift between the ”Britain”s Got Talent” star and Joanne, 38, who is the daughter of Boyle”s sister, Bridie.

Seemingly, the first confrontation occurred on March 30, the day Boyle reached Tokyo after an ­overnight flight from London.

“Susan flew off the handle because she didn”t like the way Joanne was speaking to her. It was a full-on tantrum. She was screaming, shouting and swearing at Joanne, ­accusing her of treating her like dirt,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying.

In fact, the situation went so out of control that another of Boyle”s nieces/ entertainment lawyer Kirsty Foy, had to fly to Japan from Canada to defuse the situation.

The insider added: “But, if anything, after Kirsty arrived things got worse”.

Boyle blasted Joanne once again when her private jet, supposed to take her home to Edinburgh, missed its take-off slot and got delayed at Heathrow.

The insider added: “It all kicked off again in public at the baggage carousel at Heathrow ­Terminal Three.

“Susan was absolutely raging. It”s a 13-hour flight from Tokyo and she was yelling at Joanne that she just wanted to f****** get home. Then she started calling Joanne a ****.

“As a precaution, a message was ­actually sent to the cabin crew on the private jet to be prepared for problems between the two women. Joanne and Susan were supposed to have a bond which would stop this sort of thing happening. But it”s not working.

“There is a very toxic situation building up. A lot of people are ­involved in Team SuBo – possibly too many for them all to pull happily in the same ­direction.

“All sides have her best interests at heart and are aware of the sometimes fragile state of her mind but they don”t agree on how best to help her career.”


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