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Heather Mills accused of “telling unpleasant lie” over nanny boob job

Posted on: April 3, 2010

Heather Mills has said her relationship with her nanny Sara Trumble soured because she refused the latter money for a breast enlargement.

Testifying before the employment tribunal brought by Sara Trumble, 26, on the third day, Mills said their ””very close”” relationship took a turn for the worse when she refused to pay Trumble 4,000pounds to undergo the cosmetic surgery in the spring of 2008.

””I had a breast reduction when I was 21 and I couldn”t pick anything up for weeks because it was so painful,” the Telegraph quoted Mills, as telling the panel.

She added: ””I didn”t criticise her wanting to have a breast enlargement, I just felt it would have been wrong of me to help with something that could have been a reaction to her boyfriend or her hormones.””

However, Trumble”s lawyer Nick Fairweather accused Mills of lying.

He said: ””I suggest that your previous comments were to intimidate and bully and belittle her to stop her from going on with this claim.

””I suggest that you”re telling a very, very unpleasant lie.””

Mills replied: ””I”m not telling a lie. She asked me for 4,000 pounds, how on earth would I have known that amount when I put my statement together?””

Fairweather continued: ””If this tribunal finds that you lied about that, would you agree that this is a despicable thing to do?””

Mills answered: ””I never did it.””

Trumble, 26, is claiming undisclosed damages on grounds of discrimination over maternity leave, sex discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Rubbishing Trumble”s claims, Mills said: ””Our house, even in the most stressful times, was a very supportive environment.

””Sara and I have never had a cross word.

””I would never raise my voice to her and I have never been bad-tempered to her, ever, ever, ever.

””What was very surprising for me was that we were very close and she told me a lot of personal things and I could not believe that she didn”t discuss any personal grievances with me.””

Later Mills told reporters she felt like she had “been betrayed by someone who I felt was part of the family”.


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