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Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson says he is ””fascinated”” by the lifestyle of dogs.

The Twilight star admits he has “deep connection” with canines and if he was to swap from being a human, he would want to become a domesticated four legged pet, reports Contactmusic.

When asked what he would like to become, he said: “I think I”d be a dog. The lifestyle of a dog has always fascinated me: You sleep, sit around, get stroked, eat and get walked from time to time. That”s great!

“There is a deep connection between me and dogs.”

The 23 year old actor also dream of becoming a music producer.

He said: “Being a music producer would be the perfect job for me. Or I would like to write.

“In any case it would be something creative. Perhaps also a stockbroker. I like everything that is hectic.”

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has no plans of donning the director’s hat.

The Ocean””s Eleven star says he’s convinced his obsessive attention to detail would drive him mad.

Pitt has enjoyed an acting career spanning two decades and is convinced he will always stay in front of the camera.

“To be a director you have to be a real perfectionist. I would get mad. I””d rather build houses. It””s very similar to directing, actually, because you””re inside this piece of art, you””re surrounded by it,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling Britain””s OK! magazine.

Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood and US President Barack Obama have been named GQ Magazine”s Men of 2009.

Actor-cum-director Eastwood, 79, has been declared as the publication’s Icon of the Year and graces one of five special covers for the December (09) issue.

On the other hand, President Obama is celebrated as Leader of the Year on his own cover.

Star Trek actor Chris Pine also features on one of the covers of the publication, reports the Daily Star.

The ‘Hangover’ film stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis and American football star Tom Brady are also among the magazine”s Men of the Year.

Belle de Jour hooker Brooke Magnanti’s mother has said that she is proud of her “brilliant” daughter for “standing up for herself”.

Brooke, the research scientist, recently confessed that she worked as a 300 pound-an-hour call girl to fund her university studies.

And now, her mother 64, admitted she had been a “little shocked” to learn that her only child had supplemented her academic earnings as a prostitute.

“I know that my daughter has a very good head on her shoulders and I support her 100 per cent in what she has done and what ever she will do,” she said. “I can”t give her any more than that,” the Telegraph quoted her a saying.

Talking of her daughter”s writing acumen, Levy said she was now looking forward to getting an autographed copy her best-selling book about her career as a high-class call girl.

Brooke, 34, revealed at the weekend that she was the former prostitute who wrote a best-selling diary, later turned into a television series starring Billie Piper.

Levy said that her daughter had phoned her last week to break the news.

“I knew that her ex-boyfriend Owen was apparently going to out her, and she wanted to do some damage control,” she said.

Levy also said that she always knew her daughter was a “fantastic writer”, adding: “She has been writing stories since she was a kid, so that part did not surprise me.”

Referring to the prostitution, she claimed she was a “bit surprised” more than shocked and said that her daughter”s critics should be “ashamed”,

“The subject matter is her subject matter and it is what she has done in her life,” she said.

Megan Fox has confessed she has created a string of fake personalities to hoodwink people from guessing who she really is.

The 23-year-old actress revealed she deliberately makes eccentric claims and comments to conceal her true self from the world.

“I”ve learned that being a celebrity is like being a sacrificial lamb,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying in an interview with New York Times magazine.

“At some point, no matter how high the pedestal that they put you on, they”re going to tear you down. And I created a character as an offering for the sacrifice.

“I”m not willing to give my true self up. It”s a testament to my real personality that I would go so far as to make up another personality… The reality is, I am hidden amongst all the insanity. Nobody can find me,” she added.

Madonna has secured a 7 million dollar donation for her children”s charity in Brazil.

The Queen of Pop received the staggering amount from Brazil”s richest man Eike Batista during her recent five-day trip to the South American country.

The singer was said to have met up with top businessmen and politicians to help set up Success for Kids, reports Contactmusic.

She was reportedly left in tears after Batista agreed to provide the major chunk of necessary funds for her latest charitable venture.

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has pledged never to see the latest Twilight film.

The teen actress spoke against watching the second instalment, New Moon, saying she cannot stand the thought of a vampire.

“I”ve never seen it and nor will I ever,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying during an interview with Cleveland radio station Q92.

“I don”t believe in it. I don”t like vampires. … I don”t like the wolf that pops out of the screen when I”m watching my TV at night. I don”t like it. I don”t want anything to do with it. I don”t like the shirts. I don”t like any of it.

“I feel really lame because everyone”s, like, so excited. I”m like, ”Don”t even talk about it,”” she added.

‘Couples Retreat’, Oscar winner musician A.R. Rahman’s first venture into mainstream Hollywood, has reportedly crossed the 100 million dollar mark at North American box office.

This about 113 minutes comedy, which was released worldwide starting October eight in Australia and New Zealand and October nine in USA, has reportedly grossed over 102 million dollars domestically besides over 20 million dollars overseas.

Shot in Tahiti (French Polynesia) and USA, it revolves around four couples who go to a tropical-island resort for vacationing.

It is yet to be released in many countries.

Acclaimed Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that it proved that Hollywood-Bollywood marriage could bring desired results at box office also.

Zed, who is chairperson of Indo-American Leadership Confederation, hoped that more creative-technical-financial alliances would be formed between Hollywood and Bollywood in the coming future.

Rahman provided original music for ‘Couples Retreat’, besides writing and performing two songs: ‘Na Na’ and ‘Sajna’. Rahman’s son A. R. Ameen also sang in ‘Na Na’.

Directed by Emmy nominated Peter Billingsley (Dinner for Five), it stars MTV winner Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers), Golden Globe winner Jason Bateman (Arrested Development), Golden Globe nominated Kristin Davis (Sex and the City), etc. Producers were Vince Vaughn and Scott Stuber (Role Models).

Well known American filmmaker Brett Ratner (Red Dragon) is “editing” English version of Bollywood blockbuster ‘Kites’ to fit in the Western psyche, according to reports.

It may be the first for a Hollywood director formatting a Bollywood movie.

Reports suggest that intercultural romance thriller ‘Kites’ has two versions—one for domestic Indian audience and another English version for international audiences.

While the domestic version has been completed, the international version is still being formatted.

The two versions were reportedly shot simultaneously in Hindi and English in Las Vegas (Nevada), New Mexico, and Los Angeles (California) in USA.

Acclaimed Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, welcomed Hollywood and Bollywood coming together, sharing resources on various creative and technical aspects of filmmaking.

Since these world’s biggest moviemaking centres controlled the psyche of a large populace of the world, this might result in world coming closer, said Zed.

Directed by Filmfare winner Anurag Basu, produced by Rakesh Roshan, with music by Rajesh Roshan, the bi-lingual Salsa dance based ‘Kites’ is said to be a love story that defies boundaries-cultures-rules-barriers-language.

Proposed to be released next summer worldwide, it stars Filmfare winner Hrithik Roshan, Uruguay born Mexican actress-model MTV winner Barbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut, Nicholas Brown, Kabir Bedi, etc.

Sir Elton John is back in the limelight after undergoing treatment in hospital for flu and E.coli.

John, 62, who made his first public appearance since the illness, looked a picture of health as he walked the red carpet in New York for his annual Aids Foundation benefit.

“It’s the first time I’ve been in bed for about nine days in the whole of my life,” Sky News quoted him as revealing at the charity event.

“Except for maybe when I had my tonsils out.

“So, I was alright. I had a good rest. I didn’t expect it,” he said.

John went on to admit that he hated letting his fans down after he was forced to cancel a series of gigs on his world tour after falling ill.

“The worst thing was having to cancel shows. I hate that. But I’m back on my feet and I’m bouncing around now,” he added.

The Elton John Aids Foundation helps to fund HIV prevention programmes and aims to eliminate stigma and discrimination associated with the disease.

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