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Kylie Minogue1Aussie pop princess Kylie Minogue is fast becoming popular among UK shoppers, with her new bedding line ‘Kylie at Home’ doing a brisk business.

‘Kylie at Home’ offers a range of bed linen, cushions and throws, making Minogue, 41, the latest newly fledged soft-goods designer.

The range, co-designed with UK home furnishing company Ashley Wilde, is a girlie, slightly camp cornucopia of satin, taffeta, sequins and sparkles inspired by the Showgirl tour’s feathered headdresses and Minogue’s grandmother Nain.

When it launched in the UK last year, Minogue told Woman & Home magazine that the domestic side of her creativity was in her blood.

“My grandmother taught me how to pattern-cut and sew from the age of about 13. To this day, I adore fabrics, trims, the look and feel of them, the way they catch the light and work together,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying.

“Kylie oversees the product,” Graham Dean, Myer’s director of sales (home) said.

“That’s why you see her coming through in the range. It’s very girlie; there are lots of bows and silk and lacework,” he added.

Mariah Carey 2R ‘n’ B singer Mariah Carey has signed on to perform at New York’s Madison Square Garden on New Year’s Eve.

Carey, 39, will be welcoming 2010 with a concert, and she is rumoured to to be lining up an array of celebrity pals to join her onstage at the December extravaganza, reports Contactmusic.

Members of Carey’s fanclub will get first option on tickets, which go on sale on November 9.

The rest of the public will have to wait until November 14 to snap up seats at the concert.

Emma ThompsonHollywood actress Emma Thompson has agreed to withdraw her name from a petition to free incarcerated filmmaker Roman Polanski following a fan’s appeal.

The Oscar-winning actress had signed a petition to free Polanski, who has been imprisoned since September (09) on the request of Los Angeles law officials.

However, during her trip to Exeter University in the U.K. earlier this month, Thompson was accosted by a student named Caitlin Hayward-Tapp, who requested her to retract her support.

And after a lengthy chat Thompson agreed.

“I asked if I could speak to her (in person). She is such an inspirational woman, I reckoned she must have been willing to reconsider,” the Daily Express quoted Hayward-Tapp as saying.

“It turned out she was very willing to hear what I had to say. She said she knows Roman Polanski and that she had had calls from friends asking her to sign the petition. She knows what a terrible early life he (Polanski) had.

“She said she had already been thinking a lot about the petition, as others had expressed their dismay at her signing it.

“We talked for 15 minutes and by the end she said she would get her name removed. She said regardless of the fact she knows him and the terrible things he has been through, a crime is a crime. If she doesn”t do this, it”d be a great shame,” she added.

Polanski is facing extradition to the U.S. to face sentencing over a 1977 charge of unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Robert Pattinson2Actor Robert Pattinson has said that being English means he does not have to worry to much about looking good as they are generally accepted with their bad teeth.

The ‘Twilight’ star insists that he is less pressurized than American actors to maintain the right physical appearance.

“I just wanted to make an American film, and I wanted to be relatively good in it. I have never pushed to do anything,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

He added: “As soon as you start going to the gym every day and try to look like a movie star, you”re going down a worrisome track.

“Being an English guy you get a lot more breaks. You”re allowed to look a little worse. It”s that thing about English teeth. Although Canadian teeth are pretty bad as well!”

The actor further added that he is finding it difficult to come to terms with his overnight fame.

He said: “It worries me, because the whole ”Twilight” thing keeps getting bigger and bigger, and now it”s so big that even my own ego can”t deal with it.

“A certain amount of success you can mentally deal with, but there”s a point where you think, ”Jesus Christ, what is this? I”m not that great!” ”

Russell Crowe1Hollywood actor Russell Crowe was so eager to share his passion for cycling with co-star Elizabeth Banks that he bought her a state-of-the-art bike.

The duo is playing husband and wife in their new film ‘The Next Three Days’, which is about a woman wrongly accused of murder.

The actor used his time off set to cycle around the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania location, and he wanted Banks to join him so he bought a 21-gear superbike.

However, she insists she was the wrong choice of cycling partner.

“Russell Crowe”s an avid cyclist and he wanted to share it with me so he bought me this beautiful mountain bike,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“It was super hi-tech, 21 gears. The thing is, I”m not very athletic. I had to watch YouTube videos to learn how to change gears,” she added.

Peter-AndrePeter Andre has revealed that he hasn’t had sex with any woman after parting ways with ex-wife Katie Price a.k.a Jordan.

However, the singer hinted that he might date someone in future.

“I haven”t slept with any woman since Kate. I”m not ready and it”s not right,” the Daily Telegraph quoted him as telling the Mail on Sunday newspaper in the UK.

“I do want a relationship at some stage but you can”t just fling yourself into that sort of situation. That”s madness,” said the singer, who lived the early part of his life in Sydney.

The ‘Mysterious Girl’ hitmaker also disclosed how he was hated in Australia.

He said: “It was all there: the world tours, the success in Europe, the women, the sex, the unbelievable amount of sex, and then it ended.

“Celebrity is a very strange thing. What happened to me is that I got really big and then it just turned on me. In Australia, people – guys particularly – absolutely hated me. It turned very nasty, going from snide comments in magazines to death threats.

“I couldn”t understand why. I tried to bury my fears and run away from it all, but eventually it just all caught up with me and I broke down.

Penelope Cruz1Actress Penelope Cruz has revealed that when she was nine-years old and had to record for her musical debut at Abbey Road Studios in London, she locked herself in a hotel room.

The beauty intended to avoid talking to anyone in order to preserve her voice.

“I thought it would be more responsible and professional if I didn”t talk to anybody before I had to record,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling Entertainment Weekly magazine.

She added: “So I was laying on my bed like Dracula, looking at the ceiling and waiting to go to the studio.

“I got so tense from trying to protect myself too much… The second day I was much more relaxed.”

Heather Mills1Heather Mills has almost decided to pull out of Dancing On Ice before the show even begins because of severe pain in her stump, it has emerged.

The 41-year-old Mills is one-legged and is believed to have told bosses that she is “struggling” even during the rehearsals, reports the Sun.

The ex-wife of Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, Mills has trained for the ITV1 show beginning in January, for almost three weeks.

Although, she had been completely at ease with grooving on America”s Dancing With The Stars in 2007, ice-skating is proving difficult for her.

“Ice skating is much more demanding,” the Sun quoted an insider, as saying.

The source added: “Heather is suffering a lot of pain.”

Robbie Williams1Robbie Williams is pleasantly surprised that his fans have always supported him, because he had expected to be shunned by them.

The British crooner confessed that he has always encountered periods of self-doubt, especially after his 2006 record Rudebox flopped in the UK with only 500,000 copies sold.

At that time he had felt fans would desert him forever.

“Ever since I was in Take That… I”ve always gone, ”Right, is it this Christmas or this Christmas that they (fans) are going to go?”,” Contactmusic quoted Williams, as recalling his times with boyband Take That.

He added: “When Rudebox came out and it got panned and didn”t do that great it was a bit, ”Oh now”s the time, here”s your golden clock and off you go.” It was a weird sense of relief that stuff didn”t have to be that massive.”

katy perry1British comedian Russell Brand, known for his promiscuous habits, is turning into a caring person ever since meeting singer Katy Perry.

The 34-year-old star has been dating Perry since they met at MTV’s Video Music Awards in September.

“I’ve been really happy in the last couple of months. All I know is that I have met someone who I like and makes me happy. I am very much fulfilled,” the Daily Express quoted Brand as saying.

He’s even showing his softer side.

“Having met Katy she has certainly been a catalyst in changing my life but I have been changing my life for myself first and foremost, because it’s a better way for me to be living at this time,” he said.

He is even trying to build bridges with Bob Geldof, with whom he almost came to blows at the 2006 NME awards.

He added, “Even at the time, I thought this man had done so much for global poverty and suffering, so I will tolerate a little abuse from him.”

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