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jessica simpsonAmerican cable television network VH1 is reportedly unhappy with the amount they have to spring for singer Jessica Simpson’s ‘The Price of Beauty’ show.

Simpson, 29, is scheduled to start shooting the new show next week and travel to seven countries examining exotic beauty regimens, but as per a source VH1 is not happy with her budget.

“To get her camera-ready each episode will cost 25,000 dollars,” the New York Post quoted a source as saying.

“She insists on using her own hair, makeup and fashion stylists, who are more expensive than J.Lo’s,” the source said.

A VH1 rep has refused to comment on the details of the amount spent.

“We never comment on what we spend or don’t spend,” the rep said.

Simpson’s rep, Cindi Berger, added: “A budget was approved when the deal was made. All parties were satisfied.”


Kanye WestRapper Kanye West is upset with reports claiming that he’s the new King of pop after Michael Jackson’s death.

The Stronger hitmaker has taken to his blog stating that he’s saddened by the fake comments that have been made online on his behalf.

“It makes me feel bad that obviously I made people feel that I would be corny enough to say something so whack after the passing of an idol, a legend and more than that a human being with feelings and a family,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“Not only did I not say that, I haven’t said anything.

“Any random person can type something on the Internet and then the world believes it. I don’t talk to press or do TV or do promotions of any sort. I’ve stopped chasing and buying into fame. Fame is like cigarettes with no surgeon general warning.

“It destroys most people as it did to the true and only King of Pop. We exploit ourselves and eat our own egos.

“I have a feeling that this won’t be the last false statement with my name on it, but this will be the last time I defend myself,” he added.

West denies stating, “It”s so sad to see Michael gone but it makes a path for a new King of Pop and I”m willing to take that on… First there was Elvis (Presley), then there was Michael, now in the 21st century it”s Kanye”s time to rule. I am the new King of Pop.”

Diane KrugerGerman actress Diane Kruger has made a vow to never marry again until she reaches the age of 60.

Kruger, 33, who had been married to French actor Guillaume Canet, and divorced in 2006, is reluctant to tie the knot with her current beau Joshua Jackson, reports the China Daily.

“I’ve been with Josh three years now. We lived together in New York for a while. Will we move in together properly? I don’t know. But after three years, it would be the natural thing to do,” she said.

“I’m not saying marriage, but definitely kids eventually. But not right now. I won’t ever marry again. Does it matter if you sign a piece of paper? It doesn’t make it last.

“I would get married to Josh at 60 if we were still together because then it really means something if you say it’s for life,” she added.

Shia LaBeoufActor Shia LaBeouf stunned guests at a charity bash after writing out a cheque for 10,000 dollars in Los Angeles, it has emerged.

The Transformers star was attending the Riders for Health auction proceeds from which will go to the international non-profit that provides health-care to rural African villages using motorcycles.

The 23-year-old bid for items including a 3,000 dollar hand-painted racing jacket and a 2,500 dollar helmet.

“He was the talk of that party!” Contactmusic quoted a source as telling America”s Star magazine.

heather_millsHeather Mills has revealed that her five-year-old daughter irked holidaymakers in France by campaigning for animal rights.

The former wife of Sir Paul McCartney said little Beatrice went on to quiz fellow vacationers about their culinary decisions during a recent trip, reports The China Daily.

Vegan Heather told ES magazine: “Beatrice questions everybody who eats animals.

“When we were in the South of France, there was a buffet for kids, and by the end of the week no one would sit near us because she would go over and say, ”Why are you eating that cow”s bottom?” or, ”Oh, look at that little shrimp with little eyes.” ”

penelope cruzSpanish actress Penelope Cruz was left red-faced when she had to appear on the red carpet wearing a scarlet suit, after her luggage got lost on a flight to London.

Cruz, 35, had jetted in to the British capital from Madrid to attend a glamorous event at the city’s Somerset House with her ‘Broken Embraces’ director, Pedro Almodovar.

But when she arrived there, the actress was forced to wear a red suit that she had kept in her hand luggage, instead of the customary full-length gown.

She was, however, not fazed by it, and was more worried about the unpredictable English weather.

“I looked up at the sky and said, ‘Don’t you rain on me – I’m Penelope Cruz!’” the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

But filmmaker Almodovar was sure a conspiracy was at work, and was convinced an avid fan was behind Cruz’s missing possessions.

“I think it’s a plot. I think someone take it (sic). They bring it with him or her to home (sic). I think it was stolen for a fetishist,” he told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Ashley Tisdale”High School Musical” star Ashley Tisdale has stopped watching horror films at her house, as they are too scary.

The 24-year-old has revealed that horror flicks make her lose sleep, and therefore, she has banned them altogether from her place, reports Contactmusic.

She said: “I can”t watch scary movies right now, because living on my own, it kind of freaks me out……I tend to just watch comedies. As an actress you think I would understand but I have a big imagination and it gets scary.”

Ashley, however, is not the only celebrity who gets spooked after watching scary films. Cameron Diaz recently accepted that she couldn’t even stand the shorts of frightening films.

Diaz, 36, said: “You know what terrifies me? Trailers to horror movies!

“I kind of want to look, but I”m always afraid that I”m going to look too long and see the one image that I”m not going to be able to get out of my head for at least a week every night before I”m going to bed.”

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