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London, Dec 23 (ANI): Her tour bus is Pamela Anderson’s ‘home away from home’ whenever she’s busy filming a movie, and now the former Baywatch babe has decided that it needs to be “pimped” up a bit.

The buxom blonde has asked bosses of American reality TV show ‘Unique Whips’, which is based on an automotive customization shop, “Unique Autosports” based in Holbrook, New York that regularly customizes cars and trucks for celebrities and famous athletes, to “pimp” her ride.

As for what Anderson wants, well her list includes a mirrored ceiling, white carpets and a round, vibrating bed.

Bosses at Speed TV network, on which the show airs, also revealed that Pammie also requested that a special something extra be added. However they refuse to reveal what it is until the episode airs in February next year.

However, a source revealed that the item is most likely to be a stripper pole, like the one in Anderson’s house in Malibu.

“She uses it to keep in shape and also have a little fun with her boyfriends,” The Sun quoted the source, as saying.

Will Castro, who will “trick” her motor, revealed that the actress had given the crew a lot of “wild ideas”, and that she was guaranteed to have “a lot of fun” displaying her new bus.

“Pam gave us a lot of wild ideas and she’s going to have a lot of fun showing off her new toy. This thing will be off the chain,” he said. (ANI)

Sultry actress Salma Hayek has been honoured for starring in the best nude scene of the year by the website MrSkin.com which tracks artists’ naked appearances in mainstream Hollywood movies.

Hayek was lauded with the coveted prize for her underwater sex scene with Colin Farrell in the depression-era drama Ask The Dust.

Gretchen Mol was awarded second place for her provocations as a pin-up star in The Notorious Bettie Page, while Jennifer Aniston also earned plaudits for her naked saunter through an apartment in The Break-Up.

Last week Shakira was in the same frame again with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, with whom she opened an NGO for poor children, thereby giving me a reason to say what I wanted to say for long.

I have been a Shakira watcher since the blond-locked Colombian bounded into my TV singing Whenever Wherever, looking like a beautiful wild horse on the run. I have watched her since, without often understanding what she sings with my zero Spanish, less Latin and an imperfect ear for English; I wish audio CDs also came with subtitles. But I have watched Shakira for years — and I love her.

I have watched her lose the fullness of early youth and watched her cheekbones take on a sharp edge that can define the onset of maturity in women — and have loved her changing face. Shakira, who writes her own songs, is only 30, though.

I have tried to find out why I, not a very musical person, like her so much. It’s not only her sound, which is kind of barefoot like her, unadorned and less electronic, compared to many of her colleagues, though that too. It’s not her wild blond hair streaming out, though that too. It’s not that amazing thing she does with her hips, though that too. It’s not the fact that she has won countless Grammies and the works and has one of the world’s greatest writers and fellow-Colombian Marquez and the Venezuelan rock star President Hugo Chavez rooting for her, though that reinforces my belief that great minds think alike.

I think it’s her voice, its power, though some feel it is quite common — but mostly the things she says. Yes, she can be loud, crude, but she is always real. She says things with a disarming directness, going deep down, peeling layers of clothes (and underclothes) off her man to get into what lies beneath. Metaphorically. She sings with her guts. And though she looks like a sex-goddess, there’s some dazzling poetry breaking through her songs and a music independent of the music. That’s what must have got Marquez.

Underneath Your Clothes, she says, there’s an endless story, “There’s the man I chose/ There’s my territory.” Him she likens to “a song written by the hands of God”.


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